Banshee, Forever After

BansheePosterCinemax crime thriller Banshee will feature a song from Fervor’s 90s Grunge outfit, The Cryptics. The band’s tune Forever After, originally released on the Epiphany label, can be heard in episode 304. Catch Banshee on 01.30.15 and experience The Crpytics on iTunes and/or Spotify.

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The Pier Magazine Talks Fayuca Tour

10922500_10155047576140207_4193784306960349099_nThe Pier Magazine, your definitive online authority on all things Reggae-Rock, dishes up the dirt on Fayuca’s 2015 Lucha Winter Tour. Sponsored by Cold Cock Herbal Whiskey and AZCS the band will hit 31 cities across the US. Make sure to catch them in your town!

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Young Drunk Punk Takes On Fervor Records

New Canadian period sitcom Young Drunk Punk has snagged some vintage classics from Fervor Records to bolster the shows authenticity. Bringin’ It Home by Sandy Szgeti, Wishing You Were Here by Lonnegan’s Band and Love Is More Than A Feeling by Craig Marsden will all appear in in episode 102. Check out the series on City TV, episode 102 January 28th.

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The Americans Are Stronger Than Before With Fervor Records

The Americans posterFX Network’s Cold War period drama The Americans chose 2 of Fervor’s vintage jams for episode 301. Stronger Than Before by Arroyo and I Will Follow You by Zeus will air on January 28th. Click Zeus and/or Arroyo to listen on Spotify.

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It’s Always Sunny In Philadelphia Puts On 6 Inch Heels


The FXX comedic smash It’s Always Sunny In Philadelphia features 2 songs from Fervor Records in episode 1003. The Jack Gray Orchestra makes a repeat performance with Golly Gee Whiz off their album Easy Listening Symph-O-Nette. From the Fervor release Porno SoundtraXXX is Cliff Sarde’s Six Inch Heels. Sunny airs 01.28.15. Click to listen on Spotify:

Golly Gee Whiz | Six Inch Heels.

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