Yab Yum Reviews Coloratura CD Release Party (Anna Vivette)

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Phoenix-based and local economy promoting Yab Yum Magazine celebrates ‘art and music as a means to enlightenment’.  As it turns out, they find the new Fervor release Coloratura (Anna Vivette) to be on par with those ideals.

Last week, head editor Carly Schorman was on site for the big debut inside Scottsdale’s contemporary art space, the SMoCA lounge and a few nice things to say about it.

She describes the event as ‘otherworldly’ and cites the unexpectedly engaging opera element of the performance as a big part of it, along with the uber chic interior design of the venue (which is actually an art installation unto itself).

Check out the entire May issue here- and notice Fervor gets more than one shout out this time (Fayuca review included!)…


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