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James Wilcox Sets Fervor Debut

James Wilcox_A Wave of Reality_cover_mediumJames Wilcox has inked with Fervor Records  and is set to drop his label debut Friday, February 5th. Entitled A Wave of Reality, Wilcox unleashes an 8 song sonic joyride that effortlessly flows through Nu Disco and Indie Dance. Wilcox came to notoriety as the drummer for Ska/Punk legends Authority Zero. 14 years, 6 albums and countless world tours later the ever enterprising maestro of rhythm decided to venture full time into his passion of  electronic music. Now based out of Denver, CO, James tours nationally and can be heard regularly at Denver hot spots Lodos Bar (Downtown) and Liquid Lounge.

Fervor Records’ Jeff Freundlich says: “We live in a world where everyone calls themselves a DJ. James Wilcox really gets it. A Wave of Reality is a testament to his craft.”

Experience James Wilcox A Wave of Reality on iTunes and beyond.

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More Cult Country From Fervor

Cult Hits Country 1970sFervor Records collection of mid century Country treasures continues to flourish. On January 15th the label proudly releases another compilation of period classics. Patsy Maples, Red Johnson, Donna Lee Stokes, Wanda Johnson and Bobby Sykes all appear on 1970s Cult Hits Country. The album contains 12 amazing vintage rarities that have been heard across dozens of your favorite TV shows. Do yourself a favor and import these to your playlist. Grab em’ on iTunes now!

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Fervor Finds Faustus

We've Got It All_Faustus 140 years ago Florida foursome Faustus cranked out some magnificent jams brilliantly embodying the era. Drawing from influences ranging from Steely Dan to The Eagles, the boys hit the studio and laid down their masterpieces. Faustus may not have catapulted to the top of the charts but one listen to the band’s infectious melodies, tight harmonies and stellar guitar work will leave you wondering why. Team Fervor was certainly not going to let these gems fall by the wayside. On 01.08.16 the label drops Faustus: We’ve Got It All worldwide. Grab your copy on iTunes or wherever great music is sold!

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Amazon Readies Fervor Exclusive!

Transparent season 2 poster - small Cult Hits Country 1970sPeter Sivo’s 1970s Country classic Let The Devil Pour The Wine has turned up in season 2 of the Amazon hit Transparent. The song is slated for release in 2016 on Fervor’s popular Cult Hits series. However, Amazon announced an exclusive offer making the album immediately available and including it on the Transparent series playlist! Head to Amazon for Transparent and all the great music from the series!

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Fervor Plucks 60s Psychedelia from Obscurity

Potluck_Potluck_2015In 1965, a group of mind expanding high schoolers hit the recording studio in their hometown of Los Angeles. The band, known as Potluck, was at the forefront of LA’s emerging Psychedelic movement. The talented teenagers possessed amazing songwriting skills and crazy musical chops that defied their age. You could argue other SoCal bands such as The Beach Boys and The Doors drew inspiration from these lads. Potluck recorded this masterpiece prior to the iconic opus Pet Sounds and even before The Doors hit record. Why Potluck never surfaced beyond Southern California is a mystery, and incredibly, their record never found release. These extraordinary recordings could have easily been lost to the dustbin of musical history, but fortunately, the drummer of the band found the lost acetates and quickly contacted Fervor Records. Tune in, turn on, and relive 1965 with the mind altering sound of Potluck. Buy now on iTunes.

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Vacation Soundtrack Nabs Fervor Classic

Vacation.soundtrack cover What do Lindsay Buckingham, Seals & Crofts, Harry Nilsson, Zac Brown Band and Fervor Records have in common? Vacation: The Original Motion Picture Soundtrack. The Warner Bros. Pictures summer box office hit has included the Fervor classic Happy Just To Be Alive on the official release from WB label imprint WaterTower Music. Horn band Christopher Blue originally released Happy Just To Be Alive on Ramco Records in 1970. Fervor has breathed new life into the classic escalating it’s cult status through numerous high profile placements in film, TV and soundtracks. Grab the Vacation Original Motion Picture Soundtrack on iTunes today!

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