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360 Tunebox Adds Tarik NuClothes

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The international streaming channel, 360 Tune Box has added Fervor Records’ Hip Hop sensation, Tarik NuClothes. Tarik’s booty shakin’ anthem, Bubble Shaker is now in heavy rotation on the popular emerging platform. Check out 360 Tune Box on your favorite streaming device for 24/7 non-stop music video thrills.

Tarik - 360 Tunebox

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Coming Soon: Live From Under The Ice House!

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Live From Under The Icehouse_Kindred_2014Fervor Records has uncovered the incredible lost concert masters of 1970s West Coast Rock outfit, Kindred. Chuck Negron produced the group’s hard driving Funky, Psychedelic Rock sound, landing the band a release on Warner Bros. Records in 1971.  Negron, lead vocalist of Three Dog Night, took Kindred on tour with his mega chart topping act for a year and a half. Kindred also hit the road touring with Rock royalty including Uriah Heap, Foghat, Bad Company, Cactus and Savoy Brown to name a few. Now Fervor Records lets you enjoy the lost escapades of the amazingly soulful Rock powerhouse, Kindred, Live From Under The Icehousecoming 6.3.2014!

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Two Chuck Hall Releases Scheduled 4.29.14

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Chuck Hall Band_Chuck Hall_2014Blues Dynamo Chuck Hall’s 3 piece onslaught of road house mojo has wowed crowds around the globe. Chuck’s distinctive, impassioned playing and soulful, heartfelt vocal delivery brilliantly demonstrate his deep understanding and love of the Blues. From rollicking shuffles, gritty bar-room jaunts, to feel good jams and soaring, stirring ballads, this seasoned Bluesman delivers on all fronts. Fervor Records is thrilled to have acquired these 16 songs that were recorded in 1995 and penned by Mr. Hall. This journey impeccably showcases the impressive virtuosity of the one and only, Chuck Hall Band.



Chuck Hall & The Brick Wall_Chuck Hall_2014Guitar powerhouse and Blues master Chuck Hall was born in Louisiana and raised in Texas. Chuck landed in Phoenix, AZ in 1984, assembled his power trio, The Brick Wall, and set out to rock every bar, juke-joint, road house and festival from Phoenix to Sweden and back. Chuck brilliantly parlays his roots into deeply emotional playing and a distinctive vocal delivery. Hall’s masterful technique not only wowed fans but also the likes of Fender Guitars. The iconic company quickly inked the axe-slinger to endorse their wares and to work as a Fender clinician.  Mr. Hall will definitely school you on how its really done, so pay attention. Fervor Records has obtained this choice handful of songs from 1986 which represent Chuck Hall’s early days in Phoenix and demonstrate what the fuss was all about. Please enjoy, Chuck Hall & The Brick Wall!

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Coming Soon! The Remixes by John Costello

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The Remixes_John Costello_2014Prolific artist, songwriter, and producer John Costello chose some of his personal favorites to re-mix into an electronic joyride of pulsating bass, synth ear candy and dance-floor goodness. Letting his creativity shine, JC3 serves up diverse mixes of multiple songs demonstrating his deep understanding of all genres of electronic music. Costello brilliantly weaves EDM, Dubstep, Trance and Hip Hop elements into this compelling offering. So pump up the volume on John Costello – The Remixes!

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Fayuca Acoustic Sessions Released Today!

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Fayuca Acoustic Sessions_Fayuca_2014Gabo and Raf are the driving force behind Fayuca’s high octane, over the top, live show. Enter the Acoustic sessions, where the duo convincingly demonstrates the true magic of their music. Unafraid to lay fully exposed with live acoustic performances, Fayuca blends songs in both English and their native tongue. Vocals, acoustic guitar, & cajon simply and beautifully express the nuances of these wonderful songs. Fayuca Acoustic Sessions, now available on iTunes and music e-retailers everywhere!

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Just In Time for the Holidays! New Releases from Fervor Records!

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The Gringos_The Gringos_2013Release Date: 12.24.13

Order The Gringos on iTunes.




Cult Hits of the 1970s Vol 2_Various_2013Release date: 12.24.13

Order Cult Hits of the 1970s Vol. 2 on iTunes.




Cult Hits of the 1970s Vol 3_Various_2013Release Date: 12.24.13

Order Cult Hits of the 1970s Vol. 3 on iTunes.




Cult Hits Novelty Classics Vol 1_Various-2013Release Date: 12.24.13

Order Cult Hits Novelty Classics Vol. 1 on iTunes.




Cult Hits of the 1980s Vol 1_Various_2013Release Date: 12.24.13

Order Cult Hits of the 1980s Vol. 1 on iTunes.




Cult Hits of the 1980s Vol 2_Various_2013Release Date: 12.24.13

Order Cult Hits of the 1980s Vol. 2 on iTunes.

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