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Available Today: East of Midnight by Austin Carter Roundup

East of Midnight album cover

Fervor Records is the label that dedicates itself to perpetuating the legacies of artists that may have otherwise slipped through the cracks of music history. This time Fervor delivers Austin Carter Roundup, a popular 1970s Country Rock band out of Milwaukee, Wisconsin. ACR lit up the Midwest with their own electrifying blend of Country Rock goodness during the genre’s heyday. Fans of Jackson Brown, The Eagles, Poco or Pure Prairie League won’t want to miss the opportunity to discover these deep deep cuts that are sure to satisfy the most ardent fans of the genre. Fervor Records has been successful entrenching this music into the psyche of new generations by continually landing these gems in hit TV shows and movies. Experience the authentic sounds of the era and re-live the passion on Austin Carter Roundup – East of Midnight!

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Super Stereo • Sound It Out!

Sound It Out_Super Stereo_2014Electro Pop act Super Stereo exploded onto the national scene with their hit MTV video, Life Passed Me By. The band quickly lit up dance floors, Pride Festivals, and TV screens across the country. Super Stereo is back with their much anticipated sophomore release, Sound It Out. The band’s quirky Pop masterpiece delivers on every front with plenty of synth ear candy, delicious vocals, hypnotic grooves and infectious melodies. Join PM Nightly, Lo, T, Statz and B3K as they take you on another intergalactic joyride of Future Pop on Sound It Out! iTunes: Sound It Out

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OUT TODAY! • The Evolution • Marcus Latief Scott

Evolution Part 1_Marcus L Scott_2014 Evolution Part 2_Marcus L Scott_2014 Evolution Part 3_Marcus L Scott_2014

Follow the amazing 18 year ascent of Fervor Records Hip Hop Artist, Marcus Latief Scott. The charismatic MC’s career is brilliantly displayed on his new Fervor Records retrospectives The Evolution 1, 2 & 3. Scott’s distinctive brand of passion, humor and bravado has landed in an amazing array of films, hit TV shows, international ad campaigns and original motion pictures soundtracks. Marcus is a true virtuoso of visual lyrics and dope rhymes that masterfully showcase his impeccable flow. His laundry list of credits is too numerous to mention but  highlights include cuts on The Original Motion Picture Soundtracks for Piranha 3DD, Scary Movie 5 and Walk Of Shame. Experience the magic of Marcus Latief Scott on The Evolution 1, 2 & 3 on iTunes and Spotify.

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Chuck Hall Goes Hillbilly Wild!

Hillbilly Wild_Chuck Hall Band_2014Blues virtuoso, Chuck Hall, brilliantly delivers his dynamic signature sound on his new Fervor Records release, Hillbilly Wild. The Chuck Hall Band’s rock solid rhythm section, consisting of John Moore (bass & background vocals) and Roy Cameron (drums), provide the perfect foundation for Mr. Hall’s distinctive, impassioned playing and soulful, heartfelt vocal delivery. Hillbilly Wild also features guest appearances from a few other Arizona icons including Hans Olson and keyboard dynamo Brad Buxer (Michael Jackson, Stevie Wonder, Smokey Robinson). Experience the Chuck Hall Band as they dish out another heaping helping of authentic Texas Blues on Hillbilly Wild! On iTunes and Spotify.

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Crank The Volume with Aaron Paul Nelson

Aaron Paul Nelson_Aaron P Nelson_2014

R&B vocalist Aaron Paul Nelson ignites the dance floor on his Fervor Records self titled debut. Teamed with producers John Costello and David Hilker, APN dishes out monster EDM club anthems that will keep your rump shakin’ way past 4AM. Costello’s incredible non-stop roller coaster ride of synth wizardry fuels the compelling listen. Nelson is not afraid to showcase his Ol Skool Rap skillz and even ups the ante enlisting Fervor’s Hip Hop star, Marcus Latief Scott, to add to the mayhem. Crank up the party rhetoric and get ready to dance with Aaron Paul Nelson’s featuring the lead off single, 2nite We Gonna Live It Up! Pre-order on iTunes: Aaron Paul Nelson

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Coming Soon: Cult Hits of the 1960s Soul!

Cult Hits 1960s Soul_Various_2014The social and political climate of the 1960s collided creating an incredible era of Soul Music. The impassioned performances of vocalists such as James Brown, Sam Cooke, Otis Redding and Ray Charles soon crossed over to the Pop charts. Bubbling under the surface of the national artists’ major label successes were a slew of incredibly talented local and regional performers. These amazing vocalists and musicians delivered equally heartfelt songs and recordings that every Soul enthusiast should experience. Fervor Records has scoured the landscape to bring you some of the era’s best. From funky dance floor grooves to socially charged anthems, witness the rise of an iconic genre with Cult Hits of the 1960s: SOUL!

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