Phoenix New Times Wanes Nostalgic with Pistoleros

Pistoleros-HHValley man about town, Serene Dominic, has a new label venture known as Onus Records. We have to say that we’re keen on Serene for bringing more love to our shared musical epicenter of Sunnyslope.

Onus has established something else near and dear to our heart: a little vintage music. This comes by the way of Heritage Hump Day. Every Wednesday Onus Records offers up a free download of a classic vintage jam.

This is the second week of Heritage Hump Day and features a classic from Tempe’s Pistoleros entitled 1000 Miles. Originally released in 2000 on CD you now have 7 days to download 1000 Miles completely gratis from our friends at Onus Records! 

Heritage Hump Day: The Pistoleros, “1000 Miles”

By the way, Pistoleros’s new Fervor Records release dropped January 13th. Check it out on iTunes.

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Pistoleros Set To Rock in 2015

block--party-tempe-times-square-2010Tempe’s legendary New Years Eve bash will feature 2 acts with Fervor ties. The epic Mill Avenue block party has announced the Pistoleros, whose Fervor debut Shine drops January 13th, and Walt Richardson. Walt’s impeccable 1980s Reggae  jams are contained in the Fervor Vintage catalog. Also appearing on the bill are Tempe chart toppers, The Gin Blossoms. 

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AXS Gives The Low Down on Big Pete

Steppin Out_Big Pete Pearson_2014Kevin Wierzbicki at gives his take on Big Pete Pearson’s new Fervor release, Steppin’ Out. Read all about it on AXS and check out Big Pete on iTunes and Spotify

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AXS Travels The Narrow Road

Kevin Wierzbicki of entertainment blog gives a listen to Bruce Connole’s latest Fervor effort, The Narrow Road. Check out Kevin’s thoughts here.

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Reckless Serenade’s DNA

Fervor’s snarky indie Pop Punk powerhouse Reckless Serenade is gaining traction with their newest Fervor video single DNA. The video, directed by Matty Steinkamp of Sundawg Media, pays a hilarious homage to the cult classic Office Space. DNA is now airing across Roxwel’s streaming platforms (web, Roku, Hulu, AppleTV), has been picked up by SamsungTV and launches today on Fervor Records’ YouTube channel. Watch it here!

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Roxwel has Fervor

Roxwel logoMusic video kingpin Roxwel has added 3 Fervor Records videos this week.  You Let Me Down by Glass Heroes, Two Years Too Late by Reckless Serenade and Shoot It Up by Fayuca. Check them out at or stream Roxwel on Roku, Hulu and Apple TV.

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