Jay Ramsey Loves Parenthood

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NBC’s long running landmark, Parenthood, will feature a Fervor Vintage classic from the distinguished Jay Ramsey. No stranger to success, Ramsey has had his tunes covered by many including the King Of Rock n’ Roll himself, Elvis Presley.  Jay’s 1964 gem, Rockin’ Chair Blues, will appear in episode 5021 which airs Thursday April 10th. You can hear it now on iTunes.

Parenthood - Jay Ramsey

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Two Chuck Hall Releases Scheduled 4.29.14

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Chuck Hall Band_Chuck Hall_2014Blues Dynamo Chuck Hall’s 3 piece onslaught of road house mojo has wowed crowds around the globe. Chuck’s distinctive, impassioned playing and soulful, heartfelt vocal delivery brilliantly demonstrate his deep understanding and love of the Blues. From rollicking shuffles, gritty bar-room jaunts, to feel good jams and soaring, stirring ballads, this seasoned Bluesman delivers on all fronts. Fervor Records is thrilled to have acquired these 16 songs that were recorded in 1995 and penned by Mr. Hall. This journey impeccably showcases the impressive virtuosity of the one and only, Chuck Hall Band.



Chuck Hall & The Brick Wall_Chuck Hall_2014Guitar powerhouse and Blues master Chuck Hall was born in Louisiana and raised in Texas. Chuck landed in Phoenix, AZ in 1984, assembled his power trio, The Brick Wall, and set out to rock every bar, juke-joint, road house and festival from Phoenix to Sweden and back. Chuck brilliantly parlays his roots into deeply emotional playing and a distinctive vocal delivery. Hall’s masterful technique not only wowed fans but also the likes of Fender Guitars. The iconic company quickly inked the axe-slinger to endorse their wares and to work as a Fender clinician.  Mr. Hall will definitely school you on how its really done, so pay attention. Fervor Records has obtained this choice handful of songs from 1986 which represent Chuck Hall’s early days in Phoenix and demonstrate what the fuss was all about. Please enjoy, Chuck Hall & The Brick Wall!

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Coming Soon! The Remixes by John Costello

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The Remixes_John Costello_2014Prolific artist, songwriter, and producer John Costello chose some of his personal favorites to re-mix into an electronic joyride of pulsating bass, synth ear candy and dance-floor goodness. Letting his creativity shine, JC3 serves up diverse mixes of multiple songs demonstrating his deep understanding of all genres of electronic music. Costello brilliantly weaves EDM, Dubstep, Trance and Hip Hop elements into this compelling offering. So pump up the volume on John Costello – The Remixes!

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Coming Soon from Fervor Records: Songs For Sunday Morning

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Songs For Sunday MorningSongs For Sunday Morning is a handpicked selection of Fervor Records favorites for the perfect Sunday morning. Curated by the Fervor Records A&R team, Songs for Sunday Morning blends Singer/Songwriter and Americana artists for pure listening bliss. Whether hosting a brunch, enjoying a quiet cup of coffee or taking in a lazy day, you’ll be sure to enjoy Songs for Sunday Morning.

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Peter Sivo’s Come My Love Cozies Up At Bates Motel

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Episode 206 of A&E’s thriller, Bates Motel will feature the beautiful romantic 1954 ballad, Come My Love by Peter Sivo. Fervor Records is now home to a wonderful collection of Mr. Sivo’s amazing songs and recordings dating back to 1946. Watch Bates Motel Monday, April 7th and listen to Peter Sivo on iTunes.

Bates Motel - Peter Sivo

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