Ashby, Happy Just To Be Alive

Ashby - Cult Hits of the 1970s

Ashby, the new indie flick starring Mickey Rourke, Nat Wolf, Emma Roberts and Sarah Silverman, debuts this week at The Tribeca Film Fest. Fervor gets in on the action delivering the Main Title Theme and a few other choice singles from yesteryear. Christopher Blue’s 1970 cult classic Happy Just To Be Alive serves as the Main Title Theme while Fat City adds their 1973 infectious R&B Pop drenched love fest, Thinking of You. Also in the film is Gary Trexler’s 1957 Teen Idol masterpiece, Cloud Full of Tears. The Tribeca Film Festival begins 04.15.15 but you can enjoy Happy Just To Be Alive now on iTunes and/or Spotify.


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The Good Wife, Better Luck Next Time Little Girl

The Good WifeAward winning CBS political drama The Good Wife has licensed a choice slice of 1963 from Fervor Records. The incredible Jay Ramsey and his crew deliver the infectious Beach Boys influenced tight harmonies on his tune, Better Luck Next Time Little Girl.  The song appears in episode 619 which airs 04.12.15. Listen to Jay Ramsey now on iTunes and/or Spotify.

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Goldigger Finds Mad Men

The final season of Mad Men has grabbed two more Fervor classics for use in episode 709. Jay Ramsey’s 1967 Funky dance floor anthem Goldigger, and the 1968 Rock ballad The Train, from The Souls featuring Ann Reed. Don’t miss Mad Men April 12th on AMC and don’t forget to get your own piece of Fervor Records nostalgia. Download Goldigger and The Train on iTunes today!

Mad Men - Cult Hits 1960s Vol 4 - Jay Ramsey

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Grimm Embraces Fervor Classical

Grimm posterNBC’s supernatural drama Grimm has tapped Fervor Record’s Classical music vault. The show nabbed Bach’s Sonata in G Major performed by Canadian violin virtuoso Steven Staryk for use in episode 4017 which airs 04.10.15. Do yourself a favor and experience the maestro at work with the Royal Conservatory Centennial Orchestra. Mr. Staryk’s mesmerizing technical prowess will blow your mind! 

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Fervor’s AC Gold Drops With 1980s Deep Cuts

Fervor Records brings you 20 of the greatest deep cuts and undiscovered gems of the 1980s on AC Gold Volume 1 & 2. Experience these magnificent Cult Hits that bubbled just under the surface of the AC charts and FM radio dials throughout the 1980s. Crank up the volume and get ready for some epically infectious jams. Soft Rock, Yacht Rock, Country Crossover, Adult Contemporary, Marina Rock – call it what you want, we call it pure AC Gold. Grab both Vol 1 and Vol 2 now on iTunes!

AC GOLD 1980s Vol 1_Various_2015  AC Gold 1980s Vol 2_Various_draft

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