American Horror Story Scares Up Fervor Vintage

FX ratings powerhouse American Horror Story has licensed Carl Coccomo’s unforgettable 1952 English/Italian ditty Marry Only Me (Suppose Solo E Me). The tune will appear in episode 402 which airs October 15th. Listen to this 1952 classic exclusively on the Fervor Vintage YouTube channel.

American Horror Story poster  The Carl Coccomo Songbook - smal

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Fayuca Enters New Kingdom

Kingdom, the new drama on DirecTV’s Audience Network, has snagged a track from Fayuca. The Cycle from the band’s Fervor Records release, Barrio Sideshow, can be heard in episode 102, airing Wednesday, October 15th. Listen to The Cycle on iTunes and Spotify.

Kingdom - Barrio Sideshow

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NCIS Shines Light on Fervor Vaults Again

The CBS landmark NCIS has returned to Fervor Records for another inquiry into vintage Rock. This time they’ve exposed the 1981 rocker, Can’t Get It, from the 1980s Phoenix, AZ outfit Trout Fishing In America (not to be confused with the Houston based children’s folk duo). The song airs in episode 262 on October 14th. Hear Can’t Get It on iTunes or Spotify.

NCIS - Cult Hits of the 1980s Vol 1

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The Good Wife Gets Warning Signs

CBS political drama The Good Wife tapped Fervor’s vintage vaults for the 1963 ballad, Warning Signs. Written and performed by hit songwriter Dick Flood, the tune will be featured in episode 604 which airs Sunday, October 12th. Experience Warning Signs on iTunes, Spotify and beyond.

The Goodwife  - Dick Flood

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NCIS Investiagtes Vintage Greats From Fervor

CBS ratings juggernaut NCIS has uncovered 3 Psychedelic cult classics from the Fervor archives. The Fly Bi Nights’ 1967 Garage Rock classic, Found Love, Jay Fortunato’s trippy 1971 jam, Thoughts Of You and 1967′s infectious guitar laden anthem, Pardon My Reflection from Motion. All songs will appear in episode 261 airing Tuesday October 7th. Enjoy all 3 tracks on Fervor’s Cult Hits: Psychedelic available on iTunesSpotify and beyond!

NCIS - Cult Hits Psychedelic


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