Chilo Escobedo Lands In Orphan Black

Orphan Black poster small Chilo Escobedo - Su Vos Y Sus Canciones - small Fervor’s stockpile of authentic period Mariachi music has landed in episode 27 of the award winning series Orphan Black. The Canadian science fiction drama, which airs in the US on BBC America, chose 2 songs from the amazing Mariachi singer/songwriter Chilo Escobedo. Chilo’s song Dame Amor is contained on his LP Su Voz Y Sus Canciones and was recorded in Mexico City in 1976 with the most renown Mariachi ensemble of all time, Mariachi Vargas. The other Escebedo penned tune, Sabiduria, was recorded in 1975 and features vocals from Pedro Pete Garcia. Experience Chilo Escebedo on iTunes and/or Spotify.

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Listen Now Aquarius

Aquarius promo poster The Souls, The Essentials 1966-1969, Fervor Records

Aquarius, NBC’s 1967 LA crime drama, returns to the Fervor vaults for The Souls 1967 Psychedelic joyride Listen Now. The song appears in episode 102 which airs 06.04.2015. However, you can take a trip back to 1967 right now with The Souls on iTunes and/or Spotify.

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Debut CooBee Coo Vid Now On YouTube

CooBee Coo demonstrates their mad creative skills in their quirky debut Fervor Records music video, Never Gonna Leave Your Side. The clever indie outfit brilliantly utilizes their Arizona backyard to illustrate the elegance of their simple but contagious message. Never Gonna Leave Your Side is available on YouTube today!

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Fervor Has Motive

CTV drama Motive dug through Fervor’s extensive record bin and unearthed a rare piece of 1960’s psychedelia. Jay Fortunato’s 1966 trippy voyage Today is Tomorrow’s Yesterday will appear in episode 313 airing 05.31.15. Enjoy Jay Fortunato as well as a plethora of other mind bending throw backs on the Fervor Records release, Cut Hits: Psychedelic now available on iTunes and/or Spotify.

Motive & Cult Hits Psychedelic

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Aquarius Launches With Fervor

Aquarius promo poster Cult Hits Psychedelic - thumb size

NBC debuts it’s 13 episode period crime masterpiece Aquarius with plenty of authentic vintage music from the Fervor Vaults. Set in 1967 Los Angeles, episode 101 features Found Love by The Fly Bi Nights, Standing On The Corner Everyday by Michael Liggins and Pardon My Reflection by Motion. All three tunes were originally released in 1967 and musically define the era. Don’t miss the premiere of Aquarius airing 05.28.15 and click the song title to listen on iTunes.

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