Red Oaks + Fervor = 80s Love

Red Oaks The Complete Jetzons - thumbnail

Episode 105 of Red Oaks features these tasty 80s delights from Fervor Records: Do Whatcha Feel by Len Boone, Mike Might Have Said by Blue Shoes, When The Sun Goes Down by The Jetzons and Fightin’ Society by Loosely Tight. Now go get your Amazon on! Click the links to enjoy the songs and then start streaming Red Oaks!

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Nashville, I Want You

Nashville poster - small Richie Hart I Want You 45 -  smallABC mega-hit Nashville has hit up Fervor Records for another authentic period classic. Ritchie Hart’s 1960 single I Want You will be featured in episode 406. The innocent Country tinged Pop gem was originally issued on MCI Records but you can enjoy it now on iTunes and/or Spotify. Don’t miss Nashville, episode 406 on 10.28.15.

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iZombie Has A Day With No Sunshine

iZombie header - small Red Johnson 1960 publicity card copy - small

The CW’s iZombie has grabbed the 1972 hardcore Country tearjerker A Day With No Sunshine by Red Johnson for use in episode 204. Mr. Johnson’s twang laden masterpiece will be re-issued by Fervor Records in 2016. In the meantime tune into iZombie on 10.27.15 for A Day With No Sunshine.

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The Leftovers Spin Vintage Country

The LeftoversTwo obscure classics from the vaults of Fervor Records have landed in The Leftovers. Episode 204 of HBO’s fantasy thriller will feature No Heart For Love To Know by Peter Sivo Band and God Bless This Guitar by Patsy Maples. Both songs, from 1971, are a shining example of Fervor’s deep commitment to perpetuating the legacies of the great songs and artists that far too often fall by the wayside. Be on the lookout for an upcoming Fervor Records vintage Country retrospective containing these rarities and tune in The Leftovers on 10.25.15!

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White Lightening Hits Hemlock Grove

Hemlock Grove poster S2 small Unsung Heroes Southern Rock_Varius_2015Netflix horror thriller Hemlock Grove has once again turned to Fervor Records. The series will feature the stellar 1976 Southern Rock anthem White Lightening by The Tennessee River Crooks in episode 302. For your binge watching pleasure Netflix drops season 3 in it’s entirety on October 23rd. For your binge listening pleasure check out The Tennessee River Crooks  on Spotify!

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