Fervor Records Presents: 7 Burning Questions for Kailey Swanson

Fervor Records is proud to announce the 9.30 release of “Nashville Stickup” – songstress Kailey Swanson’s debut EP – out 9/30/16. We sat down with Kailey to help get to know her a bit, and shed some light on her career for fans both new & old. Get to know Kailey below, and check out the video for “Nashville Stickup” here and order your copy of her debut EP today!

1. Having working in theatre, television, and now music – how do you describe yourself? 

I would describe myself as someone who is passionate about performing and telling stories. There are so many different mediums through which to portray a story. Storytelling has been a passion of mine from a young age and one of my favorite things to do is to explore new ways to share my stories.

2. What is an artist? 

I believe an artist is someone who is fearlessly baring their genuine self to share their talent with others. An artist is real. An artist is driven only by the love of their craft.

3. You’re known to play some songs by Patsy Cline live, and have cited other artists as influences on your music, but who are some musicians that have played a role in your development that might come as a surprise to your fans? What current artists have caught your ear? 

I would say some artists that have influenced me that may be a surprise would be Elvis Presley or the Stray Cats. I love the rockabilly style and the whole country rock swing.

4. What was the first concert you attended, and who did you go with?

Well, the FIRST concert I actually attended was Hilary Duff in Las Vegas! I think I was 7 or 8 years old? I went with my mother and some friends. I do remember loving those lights!

5. “Nashville Stickup” is something of an introduction to your songwriting – what kind of statements were you hoping to make? 

There are many statements behind “Nashville Stickup”. I think some are rather apparent and maybe others are a little more subtle. Because my roots are old country, Nashville Stick Up is about country music going back to its roots. Perhaps the most important one is simply “I’M HERE.” I wanted to kick off what I have been working on for most of my life with a big statement that lets everyone know who I am in a memorable format. I aim to say and do what very few are doing and I believe Nashville Stickup accomplishes just that.

6. Since recording “Nashville Stickup,” what have you been up to? 

Writing!! I’ve co-written many more songs and recorded a few. I’m very excited about some of the new stuff as well. I also attended a songwriters retreat in Northern France. It was awesome to collaborate with songwriters from all over the world, a truly life changing experience!

7. If you could play your music anywhere in the world (not just venues or stages!) – where would it be? 

I think a better question would be where wouldn’t I play? I love to travel and explore new cities, so I hope one day I get a chance to see the world and share my music.

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