Peter Sivo Band 1946-1961 Released Today!

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Peter Sivo Band 1946-1961Fervor Records is thrilled to bring to light an amazing collection of works from distinguished songwriter and bandleader, Peter Sivo. The prolific Mr. Sivo demonstrates his melodic, lyrical and arrangement prowess in this wonderful collection of tunes spanning the first 15 years of his esteemed career. For a marvelous trip through the golden age of Traditional Pop music please enjoy the Peter Sivo Band 1946 – 1961, Feb. 25th, 2014.

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Super Stereo Has Super Fun Night

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Electro Pop outfit Super Stereo has landed in ABC’s breakout comedy, Super Fun Night. The band’s quirky hit Jaguar, sung by Super Stereo’s temptress, Lo, appears in episode 116. Jaguar appears on Super Stereo’s debut, This is Future Pop, on iTunes!

Super Stereo & Super Fun Night

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Lynn Ready On Being Human

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Fervor’s Lynn Ready has experienced an incredible career. Mr. Ready started performing at age 3 in Dallas, TX, landing his first pro TV job on The Curt Massey Show. He soon parlayed his many talents securing a gig as a Mouseketeer on the massively popular Micky Mouse Club. Lynn Ready’s innate musical mastery carried him into Rock n’ Roll which produced some jaw dropping recordings in the early 70s. Fervor uncovered several of these masterpieces and recently placed one in episode 403 of SyFy’s hit, Being Human. Check out Leave My Heart Alone, from Lynn’s Fervor’s release, Daydreamer.

Being Human - Lynn Ready

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Pistoleros Underway With Fervor

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Mill Avenue icons, The Pistoleros, inked with Fervor Records last Fall. The band signed some of their impressive back catalog and agreed to a new Pistoleros release in 2014. Mark and Lawrence Zubia, the driving force behind the band, are now underway recording all new material for their upcoming Fervor debut. Here are the boys in a recent session at the label’s Bomb Shelter Studios in Sunnyslope. Stay tuned, more to come…

Lawrence Zubia Recording   Pistoleros recording at The Bomb Shelter 

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Dim The Lights | John Costello | 2014

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Dim The Lights | John Costello | 2014


Click for Dim The Lights one sheet.

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