McFarland, USA To Function Underground

Disney’s new period sports drama McFarland, USA races into theaters February 20th with a little music from Fervor Records in tow. The film stars Kevin Costner and chronicles the true story of a Mexican-American high school track team. Adding to the authentic vibe is the 1971 Psychedelic Soul masterpiece Function Underground by We The People. Originally released on Darlene Records, you can encounter it now on iTunes and/or Spotify or check it out in McFarland, USA.

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The Americans, Close Your Eyes And Count To Ten

The Americans posterHit period drama, The Americans, has included another vintage ditty from the Fervor vaults. Episode 304 will feature the infectious 1982 Country Crossover gem, Close Your Eyes And Count To Ten by Mitch Clark. Originally released on Comstock Records, the song will soon be coming to popular digital platforms the world over.

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Its Vacation Time In Hart of Dixie

Episode 406 of the CW hit dramedy Hart of Dixie has raided the Fervor vaults. The show will feature 1961’s Vacation Time by Ritchie Hart, 1962’s Rock And Roll Baby by Dick Terry and 1962’s The Love You Save May Be Your Own by Jack Cook. Episode 406 airs on 02.18.15. Check out Vacation Time on iTunes and/or Spotify.

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The Americans, Made In America

Cult icons The Jetzons released their 6 song New Wave masterpiece Made In America in 1982. On February 18th, 2015 the hit period drama The Americans will feature the band’s quirky dance floor anthem 4-3-1 in episode 304. Tune in The Americans on FX and experience The Jetzons on iTunes and/or Spotify.

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Cougar Town Plays Bubble Shaker

Fervor MC Tarik NuClothes has landed Bubble Shaker, his tribute to all things booty-full, in episode 611 of the TBS hit comedy Cougar Town. Check out Cougar Town on February 17th and watch the official Bubble Shaker video on YouTube.

Cougar Town poster thumbnail

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