Girlboss Enjoys Mystical Magical Musical Madness

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girlboss x150 Carl Coccomo - Pandora x150Netflix is set to launch their new original comedy “Girlboss,” a series is based on Sophia Amoruso’s autobiography. Appearing twice in Episode 107, including the end credits, is a vintage rarity from the archives of Fervor Records. “Mystical Magical Musical Madness” is a song from the 1967 musical “Pandora.” Pandora was composed by the late Carl “The Singing Sicilian” Coccomo, and Dave Fleischer (the creator of Popeye and Betty Boop). Carl and Dave’s show never made it to Broadway but its legacy lives on at Fervor Records. Start binge watching “Girlboss” April 21st, 2017, and be on the lookout for the original 1967 recording of “Pandora” coming soon from Fervor Records.

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