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Let The Devil Pour The Wine by Peter Sivo Band on Cult Hits Country: 1970’s, and

A Shade of Difference by Bozo Darnell on Vintage Country 1957-1969 in episode 106.

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Let The Devil Pour The Wine For Preacher

Cult Hits Country smallPreacher-AMCBozoDarnell2The “Critics Consensus,” on review aggregator Rotten Tomatoes, calls Preacher “A thrilling celebration of the bizarre, Preacher boasts enough gore, glee, and guile to make this visually stunning adaption a must-see for fans of the comic and newcomers alike.” Fervor Records is thrilled to lend a musical hand to the AMC breakout hit. This week two more mid-century Country classics from the Fervor vaults appear in Preacher Episode 106: “He Gone.“ “Let The Devil Pour The Wine” by Peter Sivo Band, and “A Shade of Difference,” the B Side to Bozo Darnell’s Ramco Records 1968 single “What Kind Of Pill Is This?” Tune in Preacher on 07.10.16 and click the song titles to enjoy the Peter Sivo and Bozo Darnell classics.

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Five Fervor Favorites In FX’s Justified Tomorrow

Justified Season 4

Vintage CountryOl Skool RapHans Olson_Hard Time

FX’s critically acclaimed modern-day outlaw series Justifed returns tomorrow with a new episode, this time featuring 5 songs from the Fervor label, all by Arizona artists.

From the Vintage Country collection, there will be three tracks, ncluding “My World” by Waylon Jennings, recorded in 1967.  The others are “A Shade Of Difference” by Bozo Darnell, and “Drifting Home To You” by the Jody Brian Quartet.  All three titles can be found on iTunes, on the Fervor Records release Vintage Country 1957-1969

Shining a light on the more modern, urban side of the show is Mr. Fantastic’s uber-groovy “Six Days A Week”, from the Fervor Records release Ol Skool Rap

Finally, the show will feature some soulful, gritty blues of Hans Olson, who is currently in the studio recording a new Fervor release.  His driving track “South On 65″ is available on the Fervor Records release Hard Time.

Tune in to FX tomorrow night for Justified episode 407 “The Money Trap” and hear 5 Fervor favorites.


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A Single Shot Hits Sundance, With Bozo Darnell and Tommy Strange

A Single Shot Vintage Country

A Single Shot, a gritty drama with William H. Macy and Sam Rockwell, debuts at Sundance this week and includes a few selections from the Fervor Vintage Masters vault.  The film, described as a ‘deadly cat and mouse game’ is an adaptation of Matthew F. Jones novel of the same name.

Two of the Fervor tracks are songs by prolific 1960’s Country artist Tommy Strange (“My Tears Run Backwards” and “One More Time”), and the other is the lonely classic “A Shade Of Difference” by the late great Bozo Darnell.

All three tunes can be found on the Fervor Records release Vintage Country 1957-1969.

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Bozo Darnell and Tommy Strange Sing Revenge For Jolly

Two lonely country ballads from the Fervor Vintage Masters line can be heard in the uber underground indie flick, Revenge For Jolly.

The film, written, starring and directed by Brian Petsos also includes notable cast members Kristen Wiig, Ryan Phillipe and Adam Brody.

She Was Never Mine To Lose, a 1967 track by Tommy Strange and the Features made its way into this quirky film about a man seeking vengeance for the suspicious death of his beloved dog.  The other cut is Bozo Darnell’s tearful 1968 classic, A Shade Of Difference.  

Revenge For Jolly was picked up for distribution by Sony Pictures, but has yet to announce any official release date.  However, it debuted at the Tribeca and Cannes Film Festivals in 2012 and was met with critical acclaim.

Both songs are available on the Fervor Records release Vintage Country 1957-1969.

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