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American Horror Story, This Is Ours

FX Network’s critically acclaimed series American Horror Story has hit up Fervor Records once again for another period classic. Peter Sivo’s 1946 masterpiece, This Is Ours, provides the perfect backdrop for a little drama between Jimmy and Maggie. Catch This Is Ours in episode 408 which airs December 3rd. Listen on Spotifyand/or iTunes

American Horror Story - Poster  Peter Sivo Band - cover small

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American Horror Story Scares Up More Period Classics

American Horror Story posterAmerican Horror Story has discovered the song In Old Madrid amongst Fervor Records vast collection of authentic period recordings. The tune, from The Morrie Morrison Orchestra, was recorded in 1943 and will appear in episode 405 airing 11.05.14 on FX.

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American Horror Story Scares Up Fervor Vintage

FX ratings powerhouse American Horror Story has licensed Carl Coccomo’s unforgettable 1952 English/Italian ditty Marry Only Me (Suppose Solo E Me). The tune will appear in episode 402 which airs October 15th. Listen to this 1952 classic exclusively on the Fervor Vintage YouTube channel.

American Horror Story poster  The Carl Coccomo Songbook - smal

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American Horror Story Scares Up More Fervor Vintage

FX’s award winning series American Horror Story is part way through its radically different 2nd season and has just been renewed for a third.  The show, which is produced in an unusual ‘anthology style’, employs the same principal cast members but puts them in entirely different characters/plots/eras season by season.

The current run takes place in an early 1960′s sanitorium, and is true to it’s mid-century aesthetic in every way, even down to the music.

Last night’s episode, “The Name Game” (ep 210) featured yet another Fervor Records cut from the Vintage Masters collection.  This marks the 3rd time this season that the producers have chosen from the Fervor Vintage line to add that extra bit of authenticity to the frighteningly real period series.

Deep In Love, a 1960 recording by Jack’s Four, is woven in the latest edition of the shocking horror series.  It also appears on the Fervor Records release Cult Hits of the 1960′s, Vol. 1.

Tune in to FX on Wednesdays at 10pm to catch American Horror Story, from the makers of Glee and Nip/Tuck.

Check out the vintage cut by Jack’s Four here..

Deep In Love

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American Horror Story (FX) Slinks Into Season 2 With More Vintage Fervor

 The FX network hit a home run with American Horror Story, which is part way through its second season and continuing to garner critical acclaim.  Starring Jessica Lange as a 1960′s asylum nun, the show aims to terrify viewers and is doing a good job so far.

Like many recent television hits (Mad Men, Boardwalk Empire), the production is set in a different era and goes to great lengths to avoid anachronism, thus the soundtrack is rich with vintage gems, including but not limited to a few delectable doo-wop cuts from the Fervor archives.

Joe Montgomery’s 1957 Liberty Bell recording The Bowling Song made it’s way into episode 207, along with The Tads’ Your Reason (1956) which was originally released on Dot Records.

Tune into tomorrow night at 10pm to catch the newest edition of American Horror Story, “Dark Cousin” (ep 207), featuring the two mid-century Fervor tracks and be prepared to be scared.

Hear the songs in their entirety..

The Bowling Song

Your Reason



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