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Hans Olson Fervor Video Debut Coming Soon!

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Dust to Dust_Hans Olson_2013Deeply rooted in Folk and Blues culture, Hans Olson is known for his distinctive baritone voice, earthy acoustic guitar work and world-renowned harmonica skills. Olson is truly at his best when telling a story. His latest Fervor Records release, Dust To Dust, is decidedly more Americana than previous works. The musical direction works extremely well for the artist’s touching video, Look At You Now, in which he weaves a tale of independence and the switchbacks of life. Don’t miss Hans Olson’s Fervor video debut available worldwide February 11th, 2014.

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2 Fervor Musical Icons Justified

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International Blues axe slinger, Chuck Hall, and legendary musical chameleon, Bruce Connole, have music featured in the FX smash, Justified. Hall’s 1986 recording, Young Boy, and Connole’s 1992 tune, I Don’t Care, by his group, The Cryptics, will appear in episode 502. Both artists exploded on the Phoenix scene throughout the 80s and 90s with their distinctive talents winning fans worldwide. Check out Justified, Tuesdays on FX, and get aquainted with The Cryptics here.

Justified - Cryptics

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Craig Erickson’s Neon Night Lights Up Enough Said

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Fox Searchlight’s newest comedy, Enough Said, out today, features a song from international ax slinger Craig Erickson. Starring James Gandolfini (The Sopranos) in one of his last roles and Julia Louis-Dreyfus (Seinfeld, The New Adventures of Old Christine). The film promises laughs and poignancy as a single mother newly returned to the dating game suddenly finds herself mixed up with someone else’s ex.

Craig Erickson has recorded a half dozen albums for the Shrapnel/Blues Bureau label propelling the admiration of guitarists worldwide. Neon Night is from Craig’s Fervor Records release, One Way Ticket. Songs from the album have also been heard in Justified and Chicago Code. Find One Way Ticket on iTunes.

One Way Ticket by Craig EricksonMovies: Enough Said

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Something Bad on SyFy’s Haven

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Prolific Americana and Blues artist extraordinaire, Hans Olson sets the mood on The SyFy Network’s supernatural TV drama, Haven with his gritty, haunting tale, Something Bad. Hans has too many accomplishments to list but you may remember his distinctive voice from the theme song of Burt Reynolds long running sitcom, Evening Shade. Something Bad is from Hans Olson’s Fervor Record’s release Another Day With The Blues. Don’t miss episode 403 of Haven airing Sept 27th, 2013 for Something Bad… and don’t forget to lock your doors!

Hans Olson Another Day With The BluesHaven-614x400

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Blues Dynamo Chuck Hall Signs with Fervor

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Guitar powerhouse and Blues master Chuck Hall has signed with Phoenix indie label Fervor Records. The deal encompasses both back catalog, as well as a forthcoming album recorded with the label. Born in Louisiana and raised in Texas, Chuck landed in Phoenix in 1984. His distinctive big rockin’ guitar sound and soulful vocals leave only enough room for bass and drums and Chuck’s power trios have been wowing audiences from Phoenix to Sweden and back ever since. Chuck has shared his secrets as a Fender Guitar clinician, been inducted to the Arizona Blues Hall of Fame, and is a recipient of the the Hollywood F.A.M.E. (film, arts, music and entertainment) Award. Fervor Records is thrilled to add Mr. Chuck Hall to the roster.

Blues Dynamo Chuck Hall Signs With Fervor

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