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American Horror Story Journeys Back To The Fervor Vaults

American Horror Story - PosterThe FX smash American Horror Story has ramped up the bone-chilling drama by including a few more period classics from the Fervor archives. Three tunes from 1952 appear in episode 410 including Let’s Go On A Hayride by The McSharry Sisters, My American Home by Don McDermott and The McSharry Sisters and When You Come To Me by Carl Coccomo. Tune in American Horror Story on 12.17.14 and listen to Mr. Coccomo on iTunes and/or Spotify.

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When You Come To Me, The Neighbors

The lush orchestrations of the late great vocalist Carl Coccomo will be heard in ABC’s science fiction sitcom, The Neighbors, this Friday March, 14th. Mr. Coccomo was dubbed, “The Singing Sicilian” by Frank Sinatra who was a big fan of Carl’s distinctive vocal stylings. Carl’s tune, When You Come To Me, was originally released in 1952 on the Starlite label and is now part of the Fervor archives, check it out on iTunes.

The Neighbors - Carl Coccomo

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The Iceman Cometh With Carl Coccomo This Weekend

The IcemanCover_Carl Coccomo

The Iceman hits theaters this weekend and features a modern cut from 1950’s Italian crooner Carl Coccomo, known as “The Singin’ Sicilian”.

The Millennium Films production is based on a true story about a New Jersey-based serial killer Richard Kuklinski, who became a notorious mafia hit man, and was eventually arrested very much to his family’s surprise.

Like many mob movies, there is no shortage of stars in this flick, including Winona Ryder, Ray Liotta, David Schwimmer, James Franco, Stephen Dorff and more.

The Coccomo track is a holiday number, called It’s Christmastime.  Though currently unavailable, it is due to be released on The Singin’ Sicilian Is Back, Baby! later this year, a forthcoming follow up to the 2012 Fervor Records release, The Carl Coccomo Songbook, 1952-1955 (pictured above).

Get a sneak peek of the tune starting this Friday, May 3, when The Iceman launches is theaters nationwide.

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