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Countdown to Chemical Method from John Costello!

John Costello - Chemical MethodFervor Records co-founder, musical guru, artist, producer, songwriter, composer and all around great guy, John Costello is set for a new release on the label he help build. John is responsible for some of Fervor Records most successful artists and most licensed songs. Including releases from breakout MTV sensation Tarik NuClothes, Fervor’s most licensed Hip Hop artist Marcus Latief Scott, smooth jazz sensation guitarist Greg Anderson, and R&B diva Renee Oliver. Not to mention a slew of John’s solo releases to name just a few. Costello’s mastery and fusion of a multitude of musical genres is evident on his new record, Chemical Method. The title track has already been featured in the Paramount Pictures blockbuster Pain & Gain and NBC’s longstanding juggernaut Law & Order SVU. Pre-order Chemical Method on iTunes before it’s 11.12.13 worldwide release!

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Pain & Gain Hits Theaters Fri w/Mark Wahlberg and Features Marcus Latief Scott’s Speak Up

Pain and GainMLS Cover

Mark Wahlberg and Dwayne Johnson (The Rock) star in Paramount Pictures’ newest action-crime-drama, Pain & Gain, which hits theaters nationwide this weekend and contains two songs from the Fervor Records catalog.

One of the cuts is the sensual, confident hip hop track Speak Up, by Marcus Latief Scott, from the Fervor Records release Marcus Latief Scott.

The other is an unreleased Big Beat track by producer John Costello called Chemical Method.  Costello was also the producer and primary beat-maker of Scott’s self-titled debut, which has seen numerous placements in film and tv since its 2012 release.

Both can be heard in this highly-anticipated blockbuster from prolific director Michael Bey (Armageddon, Transformers, Pearl Harbor) which is based on a true story that took place in 1999 Miami, involving an organized group of criminal bodybuilders (that formed in a local gym) who kidnapped, tortured, and murdered several victims.

Catch the big screen debut of Pain & Gain this weekend (April 26th) in a theater near you, and listen for the Fervor nuggets in the mix from Marcus Latief Scott and John Costello.


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