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Chinatown Blows Up The 70s

Ride All Night_Chinatown_2016Fervor Records is proud to release the sophomore effort from tribute rockers Chinatown. “Ride All Night” is the follow up to the 80’s sensation “Takin’ It Sleazy.” Chinatown blew up with high profile placements in TV shows  (Parks & Recreation, The Mentalist, Big Brother, Pysch, Comic Book Men), film (That’s My Boy, Miss Representation) and advertising (Vans). This time Chinatown is taking the dive into heavy 1970s motifs further, cementing their stranglehold on Arena Rock. Get ready to “Ride All Night” with Chinatown on Amazon, iTunes and Spotify.

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Vans, Disney & Fervor Are Young At Heart

Vans’ new Young At Heart Disney Collection is blowing up at retailers everywhere. The apparel and entertainment titans turned to Fervor Records for their Young At Heart ad campaign. The spot kicks off with The Morrie Morrison Orchestra’s 1940 recording Morocco which plays under some classic Disney animation. The Young At Heart theatrical version features Chinatown’s Drive Me Crazy throughout the rest of the spot. Add a new pair of Vans to your summer wardrobe and enjoy Chinatown on iTunes and/or Spotify.

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Chinatown’s Drive Me Crazy In Psych (USA) Tonight

PsychDrive Me Crazy, from the Fervor Records release Takin’ It Sleazy (Chinatown) will be heard in tonight’s episode of Psych.

The USA Network detective comedy series is midway through its seventh season and this will actually be the third time they’ve handpicked music from the Fervor catalog.Cover_Chinatown

Tonight’s edition “Juliet Wears the Pantsuit” (ep709) airs at 10/9c, and will have some Glam-tastic guitar riffs in the soundtrack from none other than Chinatown.  You’ll be able to smell the hairspray from your living room.

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