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Brand New Start, Craig MarsdenRelease Date: 10.29.2013

Title: Brand New Start

Artist: Craig Marsden

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Release Date: 10.29.2013

Title: The Romeos

Artist: The Romeos

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Craig Marsden’s Brand New Start

Work hard, never give up and claim the beauty that life has to offer. These worthy themes are threaded through all Craig Marsden’s 1970s recordings. His songs are forged from his inspiring life of love and loss as he journeyed from small town Michigan to Hollywood. Craig’s virtuosic guitar work, soaring vocals and mesmerizing melodies penetrate and transcend time delivering the true nostalgia of the Classic Rock era. Marsden’s career is full of impressive credits opening for the likes of Bob Seger, Alice Cooper, Ted Nugent, and Edward Bear. He also performed with a diverse roster of artists including Mark Farner (Grand Funk), Chick Corea, Maureen McGovern and Freddy Cannon. Fervor Records is thrilled to bring you Craig Marsden, Brand New Start, coming end of October 2013!

Brand New Start, Craig Marsden

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Craig Marsden’s Angel of the Wilderness in The Americans (FX) ep 112 Tonight!

The AmericansCover_Craig Marsden Retrospective 1977-1985

Angel of the Wilderness, an original 1977 Rock Ballad from Craig Marsden, will be featured in tonight’s episode of The Americans, a Cold War-era period drama on FX, starring Keri Russell.

The show, which takes place in the 1980′s has featured other music from the Vintage Masters collection already this season, from the Power Pop of Blue Shoes to the Progressive Horn-Rock of The Gringos.

Tonight you’ll hear the quintessential sounds of late ’70′s, soul-stirring Classic Rock from Craig Marsden, whose soaring voice and mastery of the guitar earned him a reputation of solid gold in the studios of L.A.

Marsden’s own material from that era, which is a time-capsule of a cinematic period of American Rock and Roll, is now available worldwide on the Fervor Records release Craig Marsden Retrospective 1977-1985

Tune in to FX at 10pm to catch the latest edition of The Americans (ep. 112) and time-travel with Fervor Vintage.

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Love Is (More Than A Feeling) By Craig Marsden In The Mindy Project Tues 4/2

The Mindy ProjectCover_Craig Marsden Retrospective 1977-1985

The Mindy Project, a new comedy series starring writer/producer Mindy Kaling (The Office) is closing in on the end of its first season, and has already been renewed for a second on FOX.

Tonight brings a new episode called “My Cool Christian Boyfriend”, and will feature the 1979 ballad Love Is (More Than A Feeling) by vocal powerhouse Craig Marsden.

Reminiscent of Boston, Yes, and Kansas, Marsden’s vocal prowess, strong guitar chops and progressive songwriting stood out amongst the herd in the late ’70′s when he moved to Hollywood and began a career as a studio musician.

Now his previously unreleased collection of original works, Craig Marsden Retrospective: 1977-1985 is available on iTunes and being heard by millions through the magic of television.

Tune into FOX on Tuesday Apr 2nd @ 9:30/8:30c for The Mindy Project, ep120 and catch the sounds of 1970′s troubadour, Craig Marsden.


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Craig Marsden’s Workin’ Overtime In Parenthood (NBC)

NBC’s hit comedy-drama Parenthood is halfway through its fourth season and shows no signs of slowing down.  The show is actually a second try at a television adaptation of the 1989 film of the same name, only this one’s a hit. Following a multi-generational family in Northern California, it is acclaimed for its accessibility and delicate balance of humor and sobriety.

Tonight’s episode “One More Weekend With You” will feature a song from the Fervor Vintage catalog tonight.  The track “Workin’ Overtime” by 1970′s vocal powerhouse and guitarist extraordinaire Craig Marsden is reminiscent of the progressive rock band Yes, and lyrically couldn’t be more appropriate.

Michigan-born Marsden, who became a highly sought-after studio vocalist in L.A. after touring with a pre-Grand Funk Mark Farner, was a prolific songwriter and guitarist who recorded with numerous heavy hitters and received much critical acclaim of his own.  In 2012, he joined the Fervor Vintage Masters label to showcase his original material collection, and this will be his television debut.

Tune in to NBC at 10/9c tonight, Tuesday November 20th to catch Craig Marsden’s “Workin’ Overtime” in Parenthood ep 408.  Check out the complete Craig Marsden collection on the Fervor Records release, Craig Marsden Retrospective 1977-1985.

Hear the track in its entirety here.


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