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Fervor Lands A Repeat Performance In Sunny In Philly

Fervor Records is back at it in It’s Always Sunny In Philadelphia. The FXX comedy will feature The Jack Gray Orchestra’s beautiful Welk’s Waltz and John Costello’s ultra smooth Technicolor Sunset in episode 1007. Click the song titles to listen on Spotify and tune in It’s Always Sunny In Philadelphia on February 18th.

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Golly Gee Whiz It’s Always Sunny In Philadelphia

MPW-39256FXX hit sitcom It’s Always Sunny In Philadelphia has plucked a track from The Jack Gray Orchestra. Mr. Gray’s sprite little ditty Golly Gee Whiz appears in episode 1002 which airs on January 21st. Enjoy The Jack Gray Orchestra’s Fervor release Easy Listening Symph-O-Nette on iTunes and/or Spotify.

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Jack Gray’s Easy Listening Symph-O-Nette on FXX

Master of succulent melodies and delectable orchestrations, Jack Gray, gives a nod to one of the icons of yesteryear’s variety shows, Lawrence Welk.  Gray’s, Welk’s Waltz is featured in the new FXX Network’s flagship juggernaut, It’s Always Sunny In Philadelphia, episode 909.

All of Jack’s Easy Listening Symph-O-Nette wizardry is available on iTunes. Enjoy!

Jack Gray Orchestra on It's Always Sunny In Philadelphia


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It’s Always Sunny In Philadelphia is Going Up with Fervor Records

Who can resist the scrumptious schmaltz of Elevator Muzak? Well apparently the folks at It’s Always Sunny In Philadelphia can’t. The FXX mega-hit features the lovely wallpaper refrains of Returns & Exchanges in episodes 904 and 907. Get your Muzak on with It’s Always Sunny In Philadelphia as episode 907 airs tonight on FXX.

And… you don’t have to wait for your next trip to the doctors office to enjoy those satisfying magical melodies. You can expand your secret guilty musical indulgence with Fervor’s, The Beautiful Music of Elevators available here on iTunes.

Always Sunny - Beautiful Elevators

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