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Grimm Embraces Fervor Classical

Grimm posterNBC’s supernatural drama Grimm has tapped Fervor Record’s Classical music vault. The show nabbed Bach’s Sonata in G Major performed by Canadian violin virtuoso Steven Staryk for use in episode 4017 which airs 04.10.15. Do yourself a favor and experience the maestro at work with the Royal Conservatory Centennial Orchestra. Mr. Staryk’s mesmerizing technical prowess will blow your mind! 

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Steven Staryk Plays Bach’s Sonata In G Major In Grimm (NBC) Tomorrow

Grimm Steven Staryk 1.0

In the 1950’s, violin virtuoso Steven Staryk performed all of the favorites of classical repertoire canon, and many of them are forever captured in the Fervor Records archives.

Bach’s Sonata in G Major is one of the selections from the Canadian phenome and will be featured in tomorrow night’s episode of Grimm, NBC’s critically acclaimed fantasy/cop drama hybrid series.

Known as one of famed Symphony Six in the McCarthy era, Steven Staryk and 5 touring colleagues were denied entrance into the U.S. without explanation, in what became a hotly debated public controversy circa 1952.  His music however, has made it onto the airwaves across the nation.

Tune in to NBC Friday March 29th @ 9/8c to hear this unreleased vintage gem from Canada’s most revered Violin soloist, Steven Staryk.

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