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11.22.63 Finds Cabin On The Hill

11-22-631963_Cabin On The HillHulu original series 11.22.63 has turned to the archives of Fervor Records once again. Episode 107, entitled Soldier Boy, features the song Cabin On The Hill by The Jody Brian Quartet. The tune was originally released as a single on Ramco Records in 1963 but now calls Fervor Records home. Catch 11.22.63, Soldier Boy streaming on Hulu on 03.28.16.

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Cabin on the Hill by The Jody Brian Quartet in episode 107.

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Haven Is Drifting Home To You

SyFy has once again tapped Fervor’s sensational treasure trove of Vintage goodness. This time the network’s supernatural drama Haven will feature the Classic Country gem Drifting Home To You by The Jody Brian Quartet. The tune was originally released in 1963 on Ramco Records and will appear in episode 503 which aired 09.25.14.

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Five Fervor Favorites In FX’s Justified Tomorrow

Justified Season 4

Vintage CountryOl Skool RapHans Olson_Hard Time

FX’s critically acclaimed modern-day outlaw series Justifed returns tomorrow with a new episode, this time featuring 5 songs from the Fervor label, all by Arizona artists.

From the Vintage Country collection, there will be three tracks, ncluding “My World” by Waylon Jennings, recorded in 1967.  The others are “A Shade Of Difference” by Bozo Darnell, and “Drifting Home To You” by the Jody Brian Quartet.  All three titles can be found on iTunes, on the Fervor Records release Vintage Country 1957-1969

Shining a light on the more modern, urban side of the show is Mr. Fantastic’s uber-groovy “Six Days A Week”, from the Fervor Records release Ol Skool Rap

Finally, the show will feature some soulful, gritty blues of Hans Olson, who is currently in the studio recording a new Fervor release.  His driving track “South On 65″ is available on the Fervor Records release Hard Time.

Tune in to FX tomorrow night for Justified episode 407 “The Money Trap” and hear 5 Fervor favorites.


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Happy Martin Luther King, Jr. Day!

MLK DayWhen Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. was giving his famous “I have a dream” speech, the world was in turmoil.

And as is often the case in times of angst and disparity, feel-good pop music was abundant on the airwaves.

Fervor Records’ vintage collection has a few gems in it from that era, and here is a little taste of what 1963 sounded like, from various corners of the American musicscape…

“Don’t hesitate if your heart should break, take a look at me, lonely girl”

The Expressions 1963Jay Ramsey’s “Lonely Girl”, from the Fervor Records release Cult Hits of the 1960’s Vol. 2, has a distinctly pop sound with lots of falsetto vocal layers and a lush production, a la Phil Spector meets the Beach Boys.  It was recently featured in AMC’s Mad Men Season 4 to help underscore the critically acclaimed period show.  Pictured on the right is a photo of Jay Ramsey’s band, The Expressions, taken in 1963.

“Now everybody’s heard about the Bird..”

Meanwhile, Brother Zee and the Decades were pumping out some fiesty doo-wop rock and roll with their upbeat cut “Sha-Boom-Bang”, which you might have heard in ABC’s PanAm series.  The track is available on the Fervor Records release Amazing Hits of the Transistor Era, Vol. 2.

“When the moonlight turns the ocean blue to silver, in my dream ship I’ll come drifting home to you..”

And from the Country and Western sector, here’s the Jody Brian Quartet’s 1963 Country classic “Drifting Home To You”, from the Fervor Records release Vintage Country 1959-1967, which was recently featured in Fox’s Lie To Me.

As much as Dr. King’s message prevails today, the music also lives on and tells a story of a nation coming together, recognizing the common experience that bonds us all.


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