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Justified Will Send You Back To Mama

Justified posterThe new season of Justified starts tonight and has added Fervor Records in the mix. Episode 601 features Fervor Records’ recording artist Hans Olson’s Blues shuffle, Send You Back To Mama. Catch Justified on FX and listen to Hans tell it like it is on iTunes and/or Spotify.

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Justified Culls More Treasures From The Fervor Vaults

Justified Season 4Justified, episode 505, will air Bruce Connole’s Nothing But Lies, and You Knock Me Out from Blues master Chuck Hall. This is Chuck Hall’s fifth song in as many episodes and Connole’s second placement this season. Nothing But Lies is contained on Bruce’s Fervor release Hillbilly Heroin. Chuck Hall has 3 forthcoming releases. Episode 505 airs 02.04.14, snag Hillbilly Heroin on iTunes here.

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Fervor’s Blues Giants Continue To Rock Justified

Justified Season 4Fervor Records Blues roster continues their roll on the FX law drama Justified.

Chuck Hall’s, Standing In The Doorway and Craig Erickson’s, Too Much Whiskey will appear in episode 504 which airs on 01.28.14. Chuck’s Fervor releases are forthcoming and Craig ‘s album, One Way Ticket is available via iTunes and beyond.

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You Knock Me Out, Chuck Hall in Justified

Justified posterEsteemed Blues guitarist Chuck Hall has won legions of fans around the globe with his gritty signature sound. Among those is Fervor CEO David Hilker who was thrilled to sign the artist late last fall. “I knew Chuck’s music would resonate in film and television as much as it did with me.” It seems Hilker was correct. The FX smash, Jutified, has licensed the third Chuck Hall song in as many episodes this season. Check out Chuck’s Blues masterpiece, You Knock Me Out, in episode 503 of Justified tonight!

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2 Fervor Musical Icons Justified

International Blues axe slinger, Chuck Hall, and legendary musical chameleon, Bruce Connole, have music featured in the FX smash, Justified. Hall’s 1986 recording, Young Boy, and Connole’s 1992 tune, I Don’t Care, by his group, The Cryptics, will appear in episode 502. Both artists exploded on the Phoenix scene throughout the 80s and 90s with their distinctive talents winning fans worldwide. Check out Justified, Tuesdays on FX, and get aquainted with The Cryptics here.

Justified - Cryptics

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