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Fervor Records Gets Girl Flu

Rock & Roll Fever - Lenny Mack BandLynn Ready Daydreamer FrontGirl Flu_smallIndie flick Girl Flu premieres at the Los Angeles Film Festival on June 6th. The film turned to Fervor Records to fulfill their needs for some authentic 1970s jams. “Ain’t Nobody Home” by Lenny Mack Band, “Leave My Heart Alone” and “Lookin’ For A Girl Like You” by Lynn Ready are featured in the new family comedy. Be on the lookout for Girl Flu starring Katee Sackhoff and Jade Pettyjohn. Click the song titles to enjoy on Spotify.

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Fervor Records Is In God’s Pocket

MV5BMjM1MzgwODc3NF5BMl5BanBnXkFtZTgwOTAwMTg1MTE@._V1_SX214_AL_Philip Seymour Hoffman’s swan song, God’s Pocket hit select theaters May 9th. The new indie flick, which premiered at Sundance, stars John Slattery and Christina Hendricks of Mad Men fame. Also featured throughout the film are songs from Fervor Records extensive collection of vintage period music including, Fallen Angel by Jay Ramsey, Farming Man from the Tennessee River Crooks (available on The Spectacular Now Soundtrack) and Lookin’ For A Girl Like You by Lynn Ready.

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Fervor Records is in God’s Pocket

Philip Seymor Hoffman picturedOne of Philip Seymour Hoffman’s last works was in the indie film, God’ Pocket. The flick premiered at this year’s Sundance Film Festival and was picked up by IFC. Adding to the drama are 3 tunes from the Fervor Records archives including, 1971’s Fallen Angel by Jay Ramsey, the 1974 rocker Lookin’ For A Girl Like You by Lynn Ready and the 1976 Southern Rock masterpiece Farming Man by Tennessee River Crooks. Watch for God’s Pocket and click the song titles to check out the music.

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Lynn Ready On Being Human

Fervor’s Lynn Ready has experienced an incredible career. Mr. Ready started performing at age 3 in Dallas, TX, landing his first pro TV job on The Curt Massey Show. He soon parlayed his many talents securing a gig as a Mouseketeer on the massively popular Micky Mouse Club. Lynn Ready’s innate musical mastery carried him into Rock n’ Roll which produced some jaw dropping recordings in the early 70s. Fervor uncovered several of these masterpieces and recently placed one in episode 403 of SyFy’s hit, Being Human. Check out Leave My Heart Alone, from Lynn’s Fervor’s release, Daydreamer.

Being Human - Lynn Ready

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New Music Tuesdays! “Make The People Sing” and “Daydreamer” from Vintage Masters

Cover_Sandy Szigeti_Make The People SingDecca artist Sandy Szigeti, best known for his 1971 release America’s Sweetheart (produced by Ricky Nelson) knew how to make good records and was a master of Sunshine Pop.

Not only was he a prolific artist unto himself, but he also produced records for other colleagues, including Lynn Ready who’s gritty, trippy Psych Rock swirls together the acids of Cream, The Guess Who and Bachman Turner Overdrive. Cover_Lynn Ready_Album

Before, during and after Sandy’s time with Decca, he never stopped making music.  Now, for the first time, a collection of previously unreleased Sandy Szigeti tracks reminiscent of The Byrds, Donovan and The Animals are available on the Fervor Records Vintage Masters release Make The People Sing.

Recorded between 1965-1974, Make The People Sing features songs like “Make Believe World” and “Bringin’ It Home”, which can be heard in American Horror Story (FX) and the 2013 film The Way Way Back, respectively.

As a producer, Szigeti did a bunch of sessions with Lynn Ready, a former original Mickey Mouse Club Mouseketeer who eventually became known for his musicianship and recorded as a sideman on numerous Motown albums.

The cuts that came from this partnership were much more experimental and mind-expanding with a heavier rock and roll overtone, enhanced by Ready’s powerful scratchy rock voice and wailing guitar solos.

Hear the full story on the new Fervor Records Vintage Masters release Daydreamer, which includes a song called “Thirsty”, as heard in the 2013 film Arthur Newman Golf Pro.

Both albums are available worldwide as of today.

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