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Two 1967 Tracks From Fervor In This Week’s Mad Men

Mad Men Season 6cover_Cult Hits of the 1960s Vol 1

This week’s Mad Men episode “A Tale Of Two Cities” features two Fervor Vintage Masters tracks, each a spectacularly underground Psych Rock gem from the year 1967.

One of them is the moody, Zombies-esque Found Love, by the Fly Bi-Nights, which is available on the Fervor Records release Cult Hits of the 1960’s Vol. 1

The other one is a Sunshine Pop harmony-laden tune by Leaves Of Grass, called All This Is Right.  It was recorded and released in 1967, but has been out of print for some time.  It is slated for a Fervor Records re-issue release later this year.

Tune in to AMC this Sunday, June 2nd for a sneak-peek of the studio treasures in Mad Men ep610.

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The Steam Machine Gets Back To The Westside In Mad Men ep606

Mad Men Season 6Things are heating up on Mad Men, and The Steam Machine is on the scene in this week’s episode, “For Immediate Release” (ep606).

Get Back To The Westside, a 1968 recording by the popular UK artists offers the bouncy, McCartney-esque flavor of the late British Invasion era.  Though the Steam Machine was more ‘underground’ according to American audiences, they were huge in their neck of the woods, as well as Japan.

If you happened to see a film last year called Seeking A Friend For The End of the World with Steve Carell and Keira Knightley, you may have heard another song by The Steam Machine (I’m Going Home To Sacramento).

This particular cut is commercially available, nestled deep in a robust compilation of Vintage Pop music, the Fervor Records release Cult Hits of the 1960’s, Vol. 2The Steam Machine - Sacramento (Portada)

Tune in this Sunday May 5th to AMC to hear Get Back To The Westside by Fervor Records Vintage Masters, The Steam Machine.

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Two 1960’s Fervor Vintage Masters In Mad Men ep604

A_Teenager_Feels_It_TooMad Men mayhem is sweeping the nation again as the sixth season rolls out weekly episodes.  Next up is episode 604 “To Have And To Hold”, which airs Sunday April 21st, and will feature two cinematic songs from the Fervor Vintage Masters collection.

One of them is a classic Lester Sill-Lee Hazlewood production, A Teenager Feels It Too, by teen idol Denny Reed.  This song made the Billboard Top 100 in 1960, at a peak chart position of #94.

Denny performed this hit twice on American Bandstand, and it is nowMad Men Season 6 available on the Fervor Records release Amazing Hits of the Transistor Era, Vol. 1.

The other selection is a lush, mind-expanding psych rock song from 1967 by Blue Sandalwood Soap.  The song is called Friends I Haven’t Met Yet, from the Fervor Records archives

Tune in to AMC on Sunday for Mad Men ep604 and hear two incredible, authentic 1960’s recordings from Fervor.

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1966 Fervor Vintage In Mad Men Season 6 Premiere, Sun 4/7

Mad Men Season 6 Premiere PosterThis Sunday night marks the premiere of the new Mad Men season, anxiously awaited by die-hard fans, and it will be served up in 2 parts back to back.

The second half of the opening 2-hour episode “The Doorway” will feature a gem from the Fervor Vintage collection in the soundtrack.Amazing Hits of the Transistor Era Vol. 2

The tune is What’s Happening, a jangly Dylan-esque folk song recorded by Phil and the Frantics in 1966, from the Fervor Records release Amazing Hits of the Transistor Era, Vol. 2.

Hear it on AMC Sunday April 7th at 9/8c, when you tune in to see the Mad Men Season 6 Premiere and catch some handpicked music from the Fervor treasure trove.

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