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June Releases Now Available On Fervor Records!

Fervor Records June 2015 Releases

Sweet Life – Marcus Latief Scott – buy on iTunes  

Up Close & Personal – Dick Flood – buy on iTunes 

The Incomparable Dick Flood – Dick Flood - buy on iTunes 

Deep Cuts & B Sides: Rockabilly – Various - buy on iTunes 

Deep Cuts & B Sides: Teen Idols Vol 1 – Various - buy on iTunes

Deep Cuts & B Sides: Teen Idols Vol 2 – Various - buy on iTunes

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Marcus Latief Scott Exits With Sweet Life

Sweet Life_Marcus Latief Scott_2015 Marcus Latief Scott has saved the best for last on his Fervor Records swan song, Sweet Life. The prolific MC has moved on to new destinations but not before churning out another batch of signature opuses. The 6 song EP is set to drop worldwide on June 5th but you can order on iTunes today. Adios from Fervor Records, Marcus, and have a Sweet Life!

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Supernatural Shows How U Girlz Git Down

The long running CW series Supernatural will feature the official music video of How U Girlz Git Down (Walk Of Shame Mix) from producer John Costello and rapper Marcus Latief Scott. Tune in episode 1013 on 02.11.14 for Supernatural and watch How U Girlz Git Down on YouTube.

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OUT TODAY! • The Evolution • Marcus Latief Scott

Evolution Part 1_Marcus L Scott_2014 Evolution Part 2_Marcus L Scott_2014 Evolution Part 3_Marcus L Scott_2014

Follow the amazing 18 year ascent of Fervor Records Hip Hop Artist, Marcus Latief Scott. The charismatic MC’s career is brilliantly displayed on his new Fervor Records retrospectives The Evolution 1, 2 & 3. Scott’s distinctive brand of passion, humor and bravado has landed in an amazing array of films, hit TV shows, international ad campaigns and original motion pictures soundtracks. Marcus is a true virtuoso of visual lyrics and dope rhymes that masterfully showcase his impeccable flow. His laundry list of credits is too numerous to mention but  highlights include cuts on The Original Motion Picture Soundtracks for Piranha 3DD, Scary Movie 5 and Walk Of Shame. Experience the magic of Marcus Latief Scott on The Evolution 1, 2 & 3 on iTunes and Spotify.

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Pain & Gain Hits Theaters Fri w/Mark Wahlberg and Features Marcus Latief Scott’s Speak Up

Pain and GainMLS Cover

Mark Wahlberg and Dwayne Johnson (The Rock) star in Paramount Pictures’ newest action-crime-drama, Pain & Gain, which hits theaters nationwide this weekend and contains two songs from the Fervor Records catalog.

One of the cuts is the sensual, confident hip hop track Speak Up, by Marcus Latief Scott, from the Fervor Records release Marcus Latief Scott.

The other is an unreleased Big Beat track by producer John Costello called Chemical Method.  Costello was also the producer and primary beat-maker of Scott’s self-titled debut, which has seen numerous placements in film and tv since its 2012 release.

Both can be heard in this highly-anticipated blockbuster from prolific director Michael Bey (Armageddon, Transformers, Pearl Harbor) which is based on a true story that took place in 1999 Miami, involving an organized group of criminal bodybuilders (that formed in a local gym) who kidnapped, tortured, and murdered several victims.

Catch the big screen debut of Pain & Gain this weekend (April 26th) in a theater near you, and listen for the Fervor nuggets in the mix from Marcus Latief Scott and John Costello.


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