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Maybe Tomorrow By Jackie Stewart (1968) On Rectify This Monday

RectifyVintage Country

The Sundance Channel’s original series Rectify airs a new episode on Monday called “Jacob’s Ladder” and it will feature the 1968 Jackie Stewart tune Maybe Tomorrow.

Stewart’s classic heartbroken Country ballad comes from the Fervor Records release Vintage Country, 1957-1969 a robust collection of authentic period recordings from the Vintage underground.

The 33-track compilation album also includes obscure cuts from future mega-stars like Waylon Jennings, Duane Eddy and more.

Tune in on Monday May 19th to get a sample of the Fervor Vintage Masters collection in its full glory.

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Jackie Stewart’s 1968 Country Tune ‘Maybe Tomorrow’ In Vegas (CBS) This Fri 4/5

VegasVintage Country

With the success of AMC’s Mad Men, it seems like every network is offering up some sort of retro dish lately.  Last Fall, CBS made its contribution with Vegas, a period-drama set in 1960’s Las Vegas starring Dennis Quaid as a rancher-come-sheriff up against a powerful Chicago mob boss.

In episode 116 “Little Fish”, which is scheduled for April 5th, the episode will feature a lonely 1968 country ballad by Jackie Stewart, Maybe Tomorrow.  Somewhere between Hank Williams and Tammy Wynette, this tune tells the tale of a jilted lover, in classic Country style.

Tune in to CBS on Friday @ 9/8c to catch the latest episode of Vegas and hear Maybe Tomorrow from the Fervor Records release Vintage Country 1957-1969, available on iTunes.


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