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World Of Jenks (MTV) Features Marcus Latief Scott’s Baller Playboy Tonight!

World of JenksTonight on MTV’s hit show World of Jenks, Marcus Latief Scott’s unreleased track Baller Playboy will be in the soundtrack.

Scott has also landed a cut from the forthcoming album in the new Hollywood blockbuster due to hit theaters this weekend, Pain and Gain.Marcus Latief PR

This is the second time Fervor music has been in the unusual reality show, and hopefully won’t be the last.

Tune in tonight 11/10c to World Of Jenks, ep207 “Under Pressure” to hear the sneak peek of Marcus Latief Scott’s next album.

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3 Fervor Tunes In This Week’s World Of Jenks (MTV)

World of Jenks

Have you been watching the new season of World Of Jenks?  Well this Monday there is a new episode and it features 3 different Fervor artists all in one show!  From gangsta hip hop to dark bluegrass to acoustic indie-pop, this show will run the gamut of the roster.  The selections are as follows:

MLS Cover

In My Hood, Marcus Latief Scott, from the Fervor Records release Marcus Latief Scott

Jessie Murphy in The Woods 8

Black Diamond, Jessie Murphy, from the Fervor Records archives


Can’t Find My Way, Bruce Connole, from the Fervor Records release Hillbilly Heroin

This will be the second week in a row we’ve been in the mix of the hit MTV show, and hopefully not the last.

Tune in to MTV on Monday @ 11/10c for the latest edition of World Of Jenks (episode 202) and hear a sweet variety of Fervor jams.

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World Of Jenks Goes 2 Tha Top With Tarik NuClothes

World of Jenkscover_TarikNuClothesEmperorsNuClothes

It’s no secret that MTV is known for its spectacular reality shows, in fact, they sort of invented the genre.  But recently, they’ve re-invented it once again with an unusual new series called World Of Jenks.

The documentary show follows adult Andrew Jenks who moves in with a different, highly passionate young person each week, experiencing life from their perspective.

A fairly big hit, World Of Jenks was signed on for a second season, which is scheduled to premiere this Monday March 4th and includes a hard-hitting party rap tune from Tarik NuClothes, 2 Tha Top.

Tarik NuClothes has had numerous tracks from his debut album Emperor’s NuClothes in MTV shows, including Jersey Shore and Good Vibes.

Tune in this Monday March 4th @11pm to hear Tarik NuClothes in MTV’s Season 2 premiere of World Of Jenks.


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