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Aquarius Has Found Love

Aquarius promo poster Cult Hits Psychedelic, Fervor Records

NBC’s sensational period drama Aquarius has licensed Fervor’s 1967 Garage Rock rarity, Found Love. Episode 109 will feature the tune by Atlanta’s Fly-Bi-Nites, known as one of the genres underground greats. Tune into Aquarius on 07.23.15 and experience the nuances of the Fly-Bi-Nites on iTunes and/or Spotify.

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Aquarius Is Calling All Hearts

Aquarius promo poster Vintage Country album cover

New NBC period drama Aquarius has licensed the 1967 Country classic Calling All Hearts for use in episode 107. Originally released on Ramco Records, Calling All Hearts features the great Country vocalist Sanford Clark and can be experienced on iTunes and/or Spotify. Tune in Aquarius on 07.09.15.

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Aquarius Gets Cold Feet

Aquarius poster thumbsize Cult Hits 1960s Soul album cover NBC’s primo period drama Aquarius has picked up the heavy duty 1967 funky Soul rarity I Get Cold Feet by Ronnie Whitehead. The tune appears in episode 106 airing 07.02.2015. And if you can’t wait for Aquarius you can hear Ronnie get up and do his thang right now on iTunes and/or Spotify.

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Listen Now Aquarius

Aquarius promo poster The Souls, The Essentials 1966-1969, Fervor Records

Aquarius, NBC’s 1967 LA crime drama, returns to the Fervor vaults for The Souls 1967 Psychedelic joyride Listen Now. The song appears in episode 102 which airs 06.04.2015. However, you can take a trip back to 1967 right now with The Souls on iTunes and/or Spotify.

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Grimm Embraces Fervor Classical

Grimm posterNBC’s supernatural drama Grimm has tapped Fervor Record’s Classical music vault. The show nabbed Bach’s Sonata in G Major performed by Canadian violin virtuoso Steven Staryk for use in episode 4017 which airs 04.10.15. Do yourself a favor and experience the maestro at work with the Royal Conservatory Centennial Orchestra. Mr. Staryk’s mesmerizing technical prowess will blow your mind! 

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