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Jay Ramsey Loves Parenthood

NBC’s long running landmark, Parenthood, will feature a Fervor Vintage classic from the distinguished Jay Ramsey. No stranger to success, Ramsey has had his tunes covered by many including the King Of Rock n’ Roll himself, Elvis Presley.  Jay’s 1964 gem, Rockin’ Chair Blues, will appear in episode 5021 which airs Thursday April 10th. You can hear it now on iTunes.

Parenthood - Jay Ramsey

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Roosevelt Nettles’ Drifting Heart is Saving Hope

1960′s R&B great Roosevelt Nettles’ song, Drifting Heart, will be featured in the season finale (episode 218) of the CTV drama, Saving Hope. The tune, originally released on Mascot Records, was quickly licensed and re-released nationally by Chicago’s legendary Chess Records in 1962. Drifting Heart now resides in the Fervor Records archives. Experience this classic on Fervor’s, Mascot Records Retrospective Vol. 2.

Saving Hope - Mascot Records

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Parenthood Reminisces with 1948 Fervor Gem

This week NBC’s powerhouse dramedy, Parenthood, will feature the 1948 classic, I Don’t Want Your Kind of Love from songwriter and band leader, Peter Sivo. The tune will soon be available from Fervor Records on an upcoming retrospective of Mr. Sivo’s illustrious career. Don’t miss episode 510 of Parenthood, airing Thursday, December 12th!

Parenthood Season 5 Poster

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Steven Staryk Plays Bach’s Sonata In G Major In Grimm (NBC) Tomorrow

Grimm Steven Staryk 1.0

In the 1950′s, violin virtuoso Steven Staryk performed all of the favorites of classical repertoire canon, and many of them are forever captured in the Fervor Records archives.

Bach’s Sonata in G Major is one of the selections from the Canadian phenome and will be featured in tomorrow night’s episode of Grimm, NBC’s critically acclaimed fantasy/cop drama hybrid series.

Known as one of famed Symphony Six in the McCarthy era, Steven Staryk and 5 touring colleagues were denied entrance into the U.S. without explanation, in what became a hotly debated public controversy circa 1952.  His music however, has made it onto the airwaves across the nation.

Tune in to NBC Friday March 29th @ 9/8c to hear this unreleased vintage gem from Canada’s most revered Violin soloist, Steven Staryk.

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Craig Marsden’s Workin’ Overtime In Parenthood (NBC)

NBC’s hit comedy-drama Parenthood is halfway through its fourth season and shows no signs of slowing down.  The show is actually a second try at a television adaptation of the 1989 film of the same name, only this one’s a hit. Following a multi-generational family in Northern California, it is acclaimed for its accessibility and delicate balance of humor and sobriety.

Tonight’s episode “One More Weekend With You” will feature a song from the Fervor Vintage catalog tonight.  The track “Workin’ Overtime” by 1970′s vocal powerhouse and guitarist extraordinaire Craig Marsden is reminiscent of the progressive rock band Yes, and lyrically couldn’t be more appropriate.

Michigan-born Marsden, who became a highly sought-after studio vocalist in L.A. after touring with a pre-Grand Funk Mark Farner, was a prolific songwriter and guitarist who recorded with numerous heavy hitters and received much critical acclaim of his own.  In 2012, he joined the Fervor Vintage Masters label to showcase his original material collection, and this will be his television debut.

Tune in to NBC at 10/9c tonight, Tuesday November 20th to catch Craig Marsden’s “Workin’ Overtime” in Parenthood ep 408.  Check out the complete Craig Marsden collection on the Fervor Records release, Craig Marsden Retrospective 1977-1985.

Hear the track in its entirety here.


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