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Stranger by Spence Bare, and

Little Melvin’s Gonna Move by Little Melvin Underwood on Louisiana Blues: Early ’50s and ’60s R & B in episode 101.

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Hulu Taps Fervor On 11.22.63

11-22-63Stranger - Small The first installment of Hulu’s original eight part thriller 11.22.63 premiered at this year’s Sundance  Film Festival. The streaming giant is now going old school and rolling out episodes on a weekly basis beginning 02.15.16. The series turned to Fervor Records to enhance the musical sound of the era. Episode 1, Rabbit Hole, includes the 1960 MCI Records classic Stranger by Spence Bare. Also, featured over the end credits, is Little Melvin Underwood’s 1958 R&B classic Little Melvin’s Gonna Move. Don’t miss 11.22.63 and be sure to check out the amazing Little Melvin Underwood on iTunes.

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Two Mid-70’s Fervor Tunes In The Official Soundtrack Of The Spectacular Now

spectacular_nowThe Spectacular Now, a teen relationship drama from Smashed director James Ponsoldt, made a big splash at this year’s Sundance Film Festival, and included two unreleased vintage tracks from the Fervor vault.

Well now the film is showing in theaters nationwide, and an official soundtrack drops next week, featuring the two Fervor artist cuts.

With a cast of legends and rising stars (Jennifer Jason Leigh, Shailene Woodley) and a screenplay written by the same team that delivered the hit 500 Days Of Summer, there is a lot of buzz surrounding this John Hughes-esque coming of age film….and Fervor is in the thick of it with two classic  1970’s rock tunes from the archives.

One of the Fervor selections is Farming Man (1976) by the Tennessee River Crooks, which has that unmistakable Southern Rock sound, a la The Allman Brothers.

From the other side of the mid-70’s rock coin, audiences will also hear The Riff (1977) by New York Punk godfathers, Just Water, who were regulars at CBGB’s and contemporaries of The Ramones, The Talking Heads, Blondie and more.

Both tracks, which were previously commercially unavailable, are slated to be released on the film’s official soundtrack, available on iTunes Tuesday, August 20th.


1: Shailene Woodley (The Descendants) and Miles Tippet (Footloose) in The Spectacular Now

2: Just Water


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