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Hey, I’m A Mess, No Fun & The Carrie Diaries

Fervor Records incredible stash of 1980’s vintage cult classics has been lighting up the Carrie Diaries all season. Episode 209 of the CW hit features 3 jewels from the Fervor archives. Hey, from Phoenix Power Pop sensations Blue Shoes and I’m a Mess and No Fun from Boston’s The Outlets. Click the song title to download your copy of these outstanding 80s deep cuts from Fervor Records on iTunes.

Carrie Diaries - Blue Shoes - Outlets

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The Carrie Diaries Channels Fervor CEO’s 1980’s Self

Back in the day Fervor Records founder and current CEO, David Hilker, was touring, recording and fronting his Rock outfit, 1933. On 12.13.2013, The Carrie Diaries will feature one of 1933’s recordings from 1984 in episode 207. That’s a lot of numbers but don’t get confused. Check out Hilker’s song, Send A Signal To The Heart, which he penned with the band’s keyboardist, Geoff Grace. It’s also a wonderful tribute to the bands bassist, Curtiss Smith, who unfortunately passed away last month.

The Carrie Diaries & the band, 1933

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The Outlets Turn On “Bright Lights” in The Carrie Diaries

Fervor Records continues to rock the CW smash, The Carrie Diaries with their distinctive collection of authentic vintage music. The label has just landed the 1982 single, Bright Lights from Boston based quartet, The Outlets in episode 205.

Fervor Records inked the bands back catalog in 2012 and is successfully perpetuating the legacy of  their 1980’s Punk fueled anthems with multiple TV usages. The Outlets hashed out their teenage angst in the early 80s on the greater Boston music scene ultimately signing with the Restless/Enigma label in 1985.

Join Carrie’s friends as they rock out to The Outlets 1982 jam, Bright Lights. Episode 205 this Friday! Wanna hear from from The Outlets? Get Bright Lights on iTunes!

The Carrie Diaries with Bright Lights by The Outlets

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Fervor Continues to Rock The Carrie Diaries In Season 2

The CW’s breakout hit, The Carrie Diaries has tapped the Fervor vaults once again. This time the show will feature music from  1980’s sensations The Romeos. The band’s tune, Crazy No More is heard in episode 202 which airs Friday November 1st. Want to hear more from the Romeos? You’re in luck! Fervor has just released the band’s self-titled retrospective available here on iTunes.

The Romeos with The Carrie Diaries

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Fervor Rocks The Carrie Diaries with Vintage 80s Jams


The CW’s runaway hit, The Carrie Diaries is back for Season 2. The show chronicles  the coming of age Carrie Bradshaw (of Sex & the City fame) in the 1980’s. The series has once raided the Fervor Records Vaults for authentic songs of the period. Heard in this week’s episode are,  The Key by Brian Page, Bombs Away by Loosely Tight, and Bright Lights by The Outlets. The Outlets played Studio 54 in New York while Loosely Tight was produced by Richie Wise (KISS) and Brian Page was a 5 time winner on Star Search and landed a deal with Chrysalis Records.
Check out all these great artists in episode 201 of The Carrie Diaries October 25th!

Cover_The Very Best of Brian Pageloosely promo shot copyThe Outlets - Bright Lights - Scheduled Release October 2013

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