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7 Songs From Arizona Artists In Summer Blockbuster The Frozen Ground

the-frozen-ground-uk-quad-posterNew Lionsgate suspense-thriller The Frozen Ground hits theaters this weekend and sports not one, not two, but SEVEN songs from the Fervor catalog, and all of them are artists from Arizona.

Starring A-listers Nicolas Cage, John Cusack, 50 Cent and Vanessa Hudgens, this true-story takes place in 1980’s Anchorage where a serial killer had been on the loose for years, killing dozens of young women and burying them in the tundra.  One victim escapes and enlists the help of a state trooper to find her assailant and get justice.

Cover_The Complete JetzonsKeeping up with the authenticity of the truth-based story, the music selection is derived from original 30+ year old recordings.  The 7 Fervor cuts come from a handful of critically acclaimed, wildly popular bands of the early 80’s Phoenix music scene.

Two syncs come from ultra-cool New Wave sensation The Jetzons.  They are 4-3-1 and Real Time, found on the Fervor Records release The Complete Jetzons.

Another one was an offering by their colleagues, Power Pop pioneers Blue Shoes.  The track is Hey, from the Fervor Records release The Best of Blue Shoes. cover_BlueShoes1-150x150

cover_The RoguesAnd for fans of the rough and tumble Oi! branch of Punk, The Rogues track Triumph Over Will is in the mix, available on the Fervor Records release Oi! Detroit.

Loosely TightAnd finally, there’s Loosely Tight.  This band packed arenas with the glory of straight-ahead Rock and Roll, and managed to land THREE songs from their Fervor Records release The Best of Loosely Tight in the film.  The tracks are: Let Me Go Crazy, These Walls Between, and Fightin’ Society.

Catch all 7 Fervor tunes in the new suspense film, and get a thrill from not only a gruesome true story, but also a nice full hit of the trendsetting music scene from early 80’s Phoenix, AZ.


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Jetzons 1983 New Wave Tune on How To Live With Your Parents (For The Rest Of Your Life)

How To Live With Your ParentsCover_The Complete Jetzons

ABC’s latest hit sitcom, How To Live With Your Parents (For The Rest Of Your Life) is only a few episodes in but already receiving ratings that nip at the heels of network-mate Modern Family, and this week, it will include a Fervor Records Vintage Masters recording from Arizona music legends, The Jetzons.

Their crisp New Wave cut that you’ll hear is I Won’t Wait No More, made in 1983.  It is from the Fervor Records release The Complete Jetzons, available on iTunes.

How To Live With Your Parents airs on Wednesdays at 9:30/8:30c.

Tune in May 8th for ep106 and a taste of Arizona’s most prominent New Wave group from the ’80’s, The Jetzons.

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