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Preacher To Help You Find A Way

Preacher-AMCLloyd CongerPattyParker_Tree_smallForbes Magazine recent review of AMC’s Preacher stated, “Preacher is everything you’re not supposed to do on TV. Now who wants to miss this?” Exactly! The series also has great taste in music featuring a vast array of classics from Fervor Records. Episode 105: “Sundowner“ features five songs, by five artists, including; the 1956 recording “Your Reason” by The Tads, the Margaret Lewis Billboard chart topper “Reconsider Me,” Dick Flood’s “Blue Blue Party” from 1971, “Tonight I’m Alone” by Lloyd Conger from 1972, and Patty Parker’s 1975 Comstock Records hit “Help You Find A Way.” Don’t miss “Preacher” on 07.03.16 and click the song titles to enjoy!



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Your Reasons by The Tad on Cult Hits of the 1950’s, Vol. 2, and

Blue Blue Party by Dick Flood, on The Incomparable Dick Flood, and

Tonight I’m Alone by Lloyd Conger on Beer Bar Blues in

Help You Find A Way by Patty Parker, and

Reconsider Me by Margaret Lewis in episode 105.

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NBC’s Parks and Recreation Deals 1958 Doo Wop Into Next Week’s Episode (510)

Hilarious and beloved NBC hit comedy Parks and Recreation has been powering through its fifth season with flying colors, and consistently offers a notable soundtrack to boot.

Fans of the quirky show will get a little dose of Vintage Arizona Doo Wop on next week’s episode “Two Parties” which airs Thursday January 17th.  The upcoming edition will feature a delightfully textured old track from the Fervor archives, She Is My Dream, by The Tads.

The Tads, who were originally signed to the Liberty Bell and REV labels released a string of hits from 1956-1960.

Check out the innocent 1958 classic below..

She Is My Dream

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American Horror Story (FX) Slinks Into Season 2 With More Vintage Fervor

 The FX network hit a home run with American Horror Story, which is part way through its second season and continuing to garner critical acclaim.  Starring Jessica Lange as a 1960’s asylum nun, the show aims to terrify viewers and is doing a good job so far.

Like many recent television hits (Mad Men, Boardwalk Empire), the production is set in a different era and goes to great lengths to avoid anachronism, thus the soundtrack is rich with vintage gems, including but not limited to a few delectable doo-wop cuts from the Fervor archives.

Joe Montgomery’s 1957 Liberty Bell recording The Bowling Song made it’s way into episode 207, along with The Tads’ Your Reason (1956) which was originally released on Dot Records.

Tune into tomorrow night at 10pm to catch the newest edition of American Horror Story, “Dark Cousin” (ep 207), featuring the two mid-century Fervor tracks and be prepared to be scared.

Hear the songs in their entirety..

The Bowling Song

Your Reason



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