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The Leftovers

The Leftovers

My Tears Run Backwards by Tommy Strange and The Features in episode 206.

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My Tears Run Backwards On The Leftovers

The Leftovers Vintage Country album coverHBO hit The Leftovers has tapped Fervor Records for the 1967 Country classic My Tears Run Backwards by Tommy Strange & The Features. The song appears in episode 206 airing November 8th. Enjoy the great Tommy Strange on iTunes and/or Spotify and catch The Leftovers on HBO.

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Tommy Strange & The Features In Official We Are What We Are Soundtrack

We Are What We Are Vintage Country 1957-1969

We Are What We Are, the US remake of the Mexican horror film “Somos lo que Hay”  debuted at Sundance Film Festival earlier this year, and is now releasing a soundtrack which includes a track by Fervor Vintage Masters artist Tommy Strange and the Features.

The 1967 song It Was Me That Made Her Bad was one of three Fervor Records cuts heard in the rural psychological thriller, along with the 1957 tune I’ll Pretend (Glen Morris) and A Child Alone (Eddie Eldon).  The first two appear on the popular compilation release Vintage Country, 1957-1969 (pictured above).

Critically acclaimed, this creepy remake from filmmaker Jim Mickle (Stake Land) was called ‘better than the original’ by’s Eric Kohn and ‘one of the best horror films of 2013′ by

We Are What We Are is slated for a limited US theatrical release on Sept. 27th, and the soundtrack drops Tuesday Sept. 24th on Milan Records.

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She Was Never Mine To Lose (Tommy Strange) In Justified This Week

Justified Season 4Tommy Strange and the Features recorded the classic Country ballad She Was Never Mine To Lose in 1967, and this week it will reach a whole new generation of listeners when it appears in FX’s hard-boiled outlaw show, Justified.

Joined by numerous songs of yesteryear, including obscure gems from Waylon Jennings and Duane Eddy, the track can be found on the Fervor Records release Vintage Country 1957-1969, which features both kinds of music: Country AND Western!Vintage Country

Tune into FX on Tuesday April 2nd to hear the late 60’s Vintage Masters cut, She Was Never Mine To Lose, by Tommy Strange and the Features in Justified S4 Ep13 “Ghosts”.

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Bozo Darnell and Tommy Strange Sing Revenge For Jolly

Two lonely country ballads from the Fervor Vintage Masters line can be heard in the uber underground indie flick, Revenge For Jolly.

The film, written, starring and directed by Brian Petsos also includes notable cast members Kristen Wiig, Ryan Phillipe and Adam Brody.

She Was Never Mine To Lose, a 1967 track by Tommy Strange and the Features made its way into this quirky film about a man seeking vengeance for the suspicious death of his beloved dog.  The other cut is Bozo Darnell’s tearful 1968 classic, A Shade Of Difference.  

Revenge For Jolly was picked up for distribution by Sony Pictures, but has yet to announce any official release date.  However, it debuted at the Tribeca and Cannes Film Festivals in 2012 and was met with critical acclaim.

Both songs are available on the Fervor Records release Vintage Country 1957-1969.

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