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Playing House Will Rockin’ Roll Baby!

Playing House posterUSA comedy Playing House flipped through Fervor’s epic record bin and grabbed a rock rarity from 1962. Don’t miss Dick Terry’s Rockin’ Roll Baby which is featured in episode 204 and airs 08.18.15. 

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By The Way Mr. Robot

Mr Robot - sml poster Jerry Honigman_Back to the Boom Boom - thumbszUSA Network’s breakout cyberpunk thriller Mr. Robot has hit up Fervor Records for some tasty throwback jams. Jerry Honigman’s 1987 introspective ballad By The Way appears in episode 103. Tune in to Mr. Robot tonight and please enjoy Jerry Honigman on iTunes and/or Spotify.

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Sirens Is Never Gonna Leave Your Side

USA’s EMT send up Sirens is set to feature Fervor Records’ new indie sensation CooBee Coo. The band’s infectious jam Never Gonna Leave Your Side appears in episode 213 airing 03.24.15. Check out CooBee Coo on iTunes and/or Spotify.

Sirens poster thumbnail Melodies from the Farm - thumbnail

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Loosely Tight In Playing House

USA Network’s breakout comedy, Playing House, is ready to get loud and reckless in episode 104! Fervor Records’ early 80s Hard Rock heroes, Loosely Tight, will contribute to the mayhem with their Classic Rock anthem aptly titled, Loud N’ Reckless. Don’t miss episode 104 0f Playing House which airs Tuesday, May 13th. And delve deep into The Best of Loosely Tight on iTunes.

Playing House - Loosely Tight

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Chinatown’s Drive Me Crazy In Psych (USA) Tonight

PsychDrive Me Crazy, from the Fervor Records release Takin’ It Sleazy (Chinatown) will be heard in tonight’s episode of Psych.

The USA Network detective comedy series is midway through its seventh season and this will actually be the third time they’ve handpicked music from the Fervor catalog.Cover_Chinatown

Tonight’s edition “Juliet Wears the Pantsuit” (ep709) airs at 10/9c, and will have some Glam-tastic guitar riffs in the soundtrack from none other than Chinatown.  You’ll be able to smell the hairspray from your living room.

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