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Jackie Stewart’s 1968 Country Tune ‘Maybe Tomorrow’ In Vegas (CBS) This Fri 4/5

VegasVintage Country

With the success of AMC’s Mad Men, it seems like every network is offering up some sort of retro dish lately.¬† Last Fall, CBS made its contribution with Vegas, a period-drama set in 1960’s Las Vegas starring Dennis Quaid as a rancher-come-sheriff up against a powerful Chicago mob boss.

In episode 116 “Little Fish”, which is scheduled for April 5th, the episode will feature a lonely 1968 country ballad by Jackie Stewart, Maybe Tomorrow.¬† Somewhere between Hank Williams and Tammy Wynette, this tune tells the tale of a jilted lover, in classic Country style.

Tune in to CBS on Friday @ 9/8c to catch the latest episode of Vegas and hear Maybe Tomorrow from the Fervor Records release Vintage Country 1957-1969, available on iTunes.


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